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  1. It seems quite tricky, and I have not much hope to come back with some working method... but I'll try
  2. I managed to open a copy of a SonicStage *.mdb file with OpenOffice, and copy a table ('t_object') to a spreadsheet. I think i will try work with that. At least it gives me a complete name list. Thank you very much !
  3. Thank you for your answer. It seems quite difficult. "You could open the database in Access or SQL Server. " => but what is the name of the file ?
  4. Hi! I tried to export the information of my SonicStage Library, or a playlist, into let's say a *.csv text File, but couldn't find that functionnality. My intention is to import the data (trackname, all it's attributes, path) into a spreadsheet in order to manage the more than eight hundred tracks that I have recorded. Main reason I need this, is that I plan to change a HDD in my system (after a crash) and want to secure access to my recordings after replacement. A spreadsheet would be very useful to monitor the status of each track (whether it's restricted or not, whether I have converted it to wav or not) , and the different locations where reside the different versions of the track. (While many of the original tracks exist still on my Hi-MD's, I also have overwritten some of them, and my MD-Player is getting older and weaker...) Does SonicStage offer such a feature as exporting a playlist as *.csv file ? Or: Does some third party plugin offer such functionality ? Or: Does there exist some software that can extract the information from the SonicStage database? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi! Did you use the Back-up Tool from SS ? Otherwise you can't access the files. If you didn't, try it. But the File Conversion method described above seems the safest, as it permits free access to the files with SS.
  6. Yes I did notice it, but had no explanation for it. Thanks.
  7. Sorry, I didn't tell USB is 2.0. Ok, this makes it more logical. OK, so the transfer rates I observed on my unit seem to be normal: ~x3 for LPCM, ~x15 for Hi-SP. Looking at date/time of previous SP imports in SS4.3, I found a transfer time of about 8 min for 80 minutes music: quite similar to your results. Thanks for the answer.
  8. Hi ! I thought the RH1 was able to transfer to the PC at a 10X rate, but it took about 7 minutes to transfer about 20 minutes Linear PCM to the PC (XP SP3 / SS 4.3), that makes near 3X. No other MD unit was ever plugged into this PC, so I think it's not related with the known problem of SP mode... On the other hand, it took 4 min 1/2 to upload 1h 6min of Hi-SP recordings (Atrac 256), and that's not far from 15X. So my question is: what performances should I expect from the RH1 ? Thanks in advance.
  9. Before anybody on this forum buys the above mentioned car radio for the purpose of charging his RH1 unit, I want to correct my first findings: No, it doesn't charge the battery of the RH1, although the animated charging icon pops up on the RH1 - and keeps blinking. Further, line-out to Aux is working well with the remote control.
  10. I preferred a new car radio (Sony CDX-GT610UI is an old model). And main RH1-related purpose was charging the battery. Other appreciated possibility would have been Atrac-CD playback, but no new model on the market. Just tried line-out audio (without removing the remote) on a mixer: seems to work well, although the options on the RH1 remain "headphones" and can't be changed. Would I try it on my brand new car radio... ?
  11. My RH1 has control button/dial weaknesses: any solution?
  12. Hi ! Yesterday I bought a new Car Radio (I was still running tapes). I was wondering whether the USB-port of a car radio could: feed the battery of the RH1recognise and playback MP3 files (Hi-MD mode disc used as USB mass storage media, not Sonic Stage made disc)I tried 3 brands: Pioneer: displays an error, no battery-charging.JVC : battery-charging OK, but there was something wrong with the files.Kenwood: battery-charging OK, MP3 playback OK (although there was something strange in the playing order).So I bought this one for MP3 playback, it seems easier to use flash memory.for playback of MD's, only solution seems to be: RH1 line-out to aux-in of the car radio (and then you lose the remote ctrl of RH1)Anyway, most important for me was to find a solution to charge the battery in my car, and now I have it :-) .
  13. I suppose you are using Hi-MD's ? If so, you have to unlock the disc in order to transfer from it.
  14. Hello! Here my experiences with SSv4.2/4.3 and SP transfers from MZ-RH1 to PC: SS v4.2 : the tracks were transferred to PC but presented audio clicks at the trackmarks or just after the trackmarks, whether I had transferred them to PC as Atrac3+ 256kbps or PCM. SS v4.3 : the tracks were transferred to PC and did not present audio clicks at the trackmarks Here I have to say that the MZ-RH1 itself also produced audio clicks at these trackmarks while reading the MD, so I suppose SS v4.3 integrates something that corrects this wrong behaviour. Further: I could transfer the SP tracks with MD locked (both 4.2/4.3 versions), that's great! I didn't need to import the library back-up I made before each uninstall (I started uninstalling SS v3.4): both 4.2/4.3 versions recognized immediately the library present in the earlier install of SonicStage. So v4.3 works well for me (XP SP2) and for the moment I will keep that version. About v4.2: First I tried the install with the files I described above and Avrin's instructions. In a second time I tried another offline installer I found here: " http://rapidshare.com/files/24305047/Sonicstage.rar " , and these instructions: " " . While both v4.2 installations worked, both presented the audio clicks at (or near) the seam between two tracks of continuous music. In both cases I tried different PA drivers, but same behaviour. For the rest no other wrong things occurred, simply v4.3 works better on my PC. Now I can upload these old MD's without any problem ! (less than 10 mn for each 74 mn MD) Thanks to everybody who contributed answering to my questions!
  15. "mod": do you mean moderator? I'm not at home at this time. But as soon as I can, I will test my files (but yet need installation instructions). If installation is OK, I would be pleased to send the files to the download section, or to rapidshare.
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