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  1. Yeah, I blew out the dust when I first got the error message. If I go into the "self-diagnostic" mode in service mode, it shows up with: 0012 1 0000 then when i press vol+: 0012 N 0000 then: 0000 N10000 then: 0000 N2000 and finally: 0000 R_0000 before starting over again. I have no idea if I am interpreting this right, but the service manual says that the error code "012" means "Could not read data with SYNC." Is that what the 0012 means (and what does the error mean?)? Again, I've got no idea if I'm looking at the right thing, but the only place in the manual i could find error report codes was in self-diagnostic. Thanks for the help so far.
  2. Nope, doesn't run correctly with either the wall charger or the USB, so it's definitely nothing with the battery. I got into service mode alright, but I couldn't really understand what I was supposed to look for based on the service manual. Are there certain things you are supposed to look for?
  3. Thanks, but this doesn't seem to have done the trick. Any other ideas? Or is it time to replace my unit? EDIT: actually, if the problem has to do with the battery, would replacing it be a good solution? I have had this recorder for 3 or 4 years with the same battery.
  4. After not using my Sony MZ-RH910 for a few months, I pulled it off the shelf to discover that all it can now do is display the message "ERROR DE." I have tried multiple discs, so I am sure that the error has to do with the unit itself. Does anyone know how this might be fixed (or if!)? Thanks in advance...
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