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  1. Thanks to all of you for your advice - I purchased an MZ RH1. With the latest version of SonicStage and the Sony driver downloaded on my Vista PC the transfer of many hours of music from MD (plus tracks and titles) worked like a charm. I was also very pleased with the facility for auto conversion to WAV format. I admit to having had second thoughts about spending money on a new MD device, particularly when I read all the horror stories about bad experiences with Vista - but I need not have worried. All I had to do was a minor bit of work tidying titles. I am really pleased with my purchase - and will now use the MZ RH1 to record concerts I am involved with. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks to "sfbp" and "kino" for such rapid responses. Just so I am clear, can I take it that MD's recorded on my MDS JB930 will play on the MZ-RH1. Does this kit connect to the PC by USB? What I will have to do is decide whether moving my MD's - with tracks/titles - to my PC is worth £200+ - I guess the family treasurer/wife will have a view about that! I was rather hoping there was a technical solution which didn't require purchasing another player. While I was impressed with the MD as a format and used it as my source of choice for recording/playback (I am a classical music fan and fussy about audio quality), the short battery life of my Walkman MZ R55 (even with the extra battery pack fitted) was a real handicap - has this improved with up-to-date MD's ?
  3. Sorry if I come late to this forum, but someone has to follow the rest! I have loads of recordings on MD from live radio broadcasts and from vinyl LP's - being a bit of an anorak I spent hours of time creating track divisions and titles for each album. I would now like to store this library on my PC, and upload to my iPod (sorry for swearing!). Have purchased a Creative Audio junction box into which I have plugged a coax interconnect from my Sony MDS JBS 930. The box is connected into the PC Soundblaster card. Am getting recordings through to my PC (a bit of a chore in real time) - but with no track divisions and titling? How do I sort this out (Sony were singularly unhelpful) - I really don't want to have to do all the track divisions and titles all over again!
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