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  1. gabgar

    PreRecorded MD

    Just bought a New Sealed The Spielberg/Williams Collaboration on mini disc on Ebay. I didn't Think that they were still around in Brand New COndition.
  2. I use the Sony MDR-NC60 and been listening to some both classical and jazz. I have Sade's Love Deluxe Minidisc and man it sounds superb. I am not sure what the burn in time is for those but I think I have passed it as they sound really good. I used to have some Sennheiser PX-100 and although the sound leaked much, they were excellent for portability.
  3. gabgar

    FS: Mz-M200

    Mz-M200 UPDATE: 12.24.09: Guys I think that for the time being I am going to hold on off on selling it. Got some other IMPORTANT things going right now. Soon as I get ready I will let you know. Thanks and I apologize for any inconvenience.
  4. gabgar

    Sony MZ-M200

    Exactly, is the same predicament that I am in. It takes me 1 hour to get to work approximately where I am and that's when I find myself listening to music and or talk shows. I rarely listen to music at home. I am either outside with the kids bike riding, studying and homework, (they are still in elementary) and also just trying to dedicate the time available to them. I have a Mac computer (although I been a long time PC user) and just been ripping some CD's in lossless format which sounds pretty good through some nice head phones. We all know about the Iphone and that its DAC is not set up to read the true digital lossless file but knowing this I know that technology will always improve. Still, every time I look at the MZ-M200, I say no, I can't sell this and NO I don't want to, it's too COOL Looking and just a masterpiece of an electronic gadget. Well, Will see....
  5. gabgar

    Sony MZ-M200

    Tom, you are right, I was very enthusiastic and still don't want to sell if I had to decide but sometimes , certain events cause one to rethink what has to change. In all, I might sell it but still thinking about it (so not truly sure). I have one 1 other unit that I can use in the meantime, the MZ-M200 is the best one which I hardly ever use, thinking it's to fragile to carry around. Another is how much time I have to spend on listening to music which is now limited (that's what happens when you get married and have kids )
  6. gabgar


    Ok, well we can officially close this subject because I took the MZ-M200 to a local Best Buy store here and I asked the guy there if the USB will work with any other MP3 player and he said yes with the exception of the Zune. So I asked him if I could try another gadget which is when I pulled out the MZ-M200 and connect it to 2 different Pioneer Car Receivers with USB connections and all it brought back a notice saying "no Device or error" so much for that.
  7. gabgar

    Sony MZ-M200

    let me know how it goes... Thanks
  8. gabgar


    We know that this unit has the USB input in the back. Will this work with any of the newer Car receivers with the front USB input. From what I understand, when you connect an Ipod and other MP3 player, they work but not sure if the Minidisc will react in the same manner. Some I know have the auxiliary input which I think if you select the Line out from the Minidisc, you will get sound from that. Has anyone ever had the chance to try this?
  9. gabgar

    Sony MZ-M200

    I realize that new ones will run about 349.99 - 399.99 depending on availability (in the USA). Just wondering how much a Like New condition , very little use can sell for? Would it be practical to sell on EBay? Craig's list?
  10. gabgar

    Sony Mz-M200

    Good find! I guess they must have restructured their website... now they have it under Professional Audio» Recording »Recorders & Duplicators» Recorders, Players & Accessories »Recorders & Players»Portable Digital Recorders. They used to have them under portable entertainment.
  11. gabgar

    Sony Mz-M200

    Not to long ago I had just bought a new Mz-M200 From BHPhoto.com So I kept checking back and found several more in stock and then it went to unavailable. Then , now, I see that they are no long available at .... This is probably a good indication that this particular Minidisc model is now seriously going to be hard to get in the US as brand new or heading that way... And the prices on any new and used one will just go up. Just think what will happen 5 years from now... Maybe it will be worth 1000.00 dollars. I still wont sell mine
  12. gabgar


    I have heard of those Grado and heard good stories about them in sound quality ....however, I went along and bought the Sony MDR-NC60 which so far so good. I got them for 119.95 at bhphoto.com
  13. gabgar

    Just purchased

    So many out there swear about their Ipods. So many love them and then there are just those that use it because of the "hip" trend. Every time I drive down there is always someone either jogging with them or at a bus stop. I guess the the white ear buds give it away. I have an Iphone, and I have listened to lossless sounds files on it and then compare that same track with a digitally recorded track on my Minidisc and I just always feel proud of the little minidisc. Now , on the other hand , listening to the same lossless from my Mac to my headphones sounds great... Of course most of the newer generation wont care...
  14. I just received a new pair of Sony MDR-NC60's and wow they sound Superb paired up with the MZ-200.
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