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  1. The best heagphones Ive ever had are the Sony MDR-V6, they just sound incredible, and I bought them for 70 dollars. It really enhances the sound and makes everything sound god-ish.
  2. I am listening to Moby's Play (1999) album and Play: The B-Sides (2000)! recorded on LP2 and they sound fantastic!
  3. Yes, Im looking for a deck as well. I have a 1990 stereo in my room, its got LP, Cassette, CD and Radio, but It would be great if I could add an MD deck. I can still play through the stereo cable but its not the same...
  4. I got my first minidisc at the age of 13, now im 18 and I hope to use them for the rest of my life. I feel lucky being able to recognize and apreciate all those things ipod and mp3 users seem to not know...soundquality, durability, versatility, RECORDING!, price etc. I asked myself this question some years ago...as everyone I knew seemed to go into the whole mp3 ipod trend, but I just knew my minidisc was special because it was always there for me, still is in fact. some of my friends bought ipods and thats good for them but I kept my minidisc and im more than happy with it. Over the years I started saving equipment...now I have about 25 blanks and 6 machines, I think those will last me a very long time! Up The Minidisc!
  5. I live in Colombia and I always get 80 minute discs at te equivalent of 2 dollars. the ones with less time are harder to find...60m, 74m
  6. Why wait till next year? try minidiscs NOW! I started a little late I gues, 2004 after having walkmans and discmans since age 8. Get an MZN 707. Its got a remote controler, a mic jack, a line in jack and control/headphones input. runs on one sinlge AA batery. I have it and its my best one.
  7. Juan22

    Non MDLP

    Thanks for the information! At the moment I'm saving money for an MZ-RH1 Hi-MD : ) cheers
  8. Im glad to see people realizing how fantastic the minidisc is! and what a nightmare an mp3 player is for soundquality!
  9. Juan22

    Non MDLP

    Hi everyone, Im new in the forum. I have 3 Minidisc players/recorders, all of the Net-MD MDLP. Looking at some older models, Non-MDLP I saw the MZ-R70 and thought it was a fantastic MD. but then I was reading somewhere that models made before 2000 (non-MDLP) could not play music recorded as LP2 or LP4. but I was wondering if there was anyway to fix this...maybe downloading some software or using some other programs different to sonicstage. Could anyone here give me some clear information about this? Thanks! Juan
  10. That is exactly what Ive been using for 4 years, that same minidisc and energizer rechargable batterys. works perfectly.
  11. Hello. Great photos! I have 4 Minidisc player/recorders but none are in there hehe. cheers!
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