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  1. An article comparing professional cassette recorders vs minidisc recorders. http://facstaff.elon.edu/dgammon/LogueEtAl2005.pdf
  2. You mean I should record the recording using the MZ-N707? I no longer have the original disc in which the recording was made, so the only way to listen to it is via a computer. I guess I could re-record using the 707 but I'm guessing the blanks will be recorded as well.
  3. In deed sfbp, I can hear the 'blanks' sending the sound from the computer to my stereo's line in and connecting my headphones to the computer as well.
  4. Hello Jim, I've uploaded a new screen capture with the time line on the x axis. Unfortunately I didn't try the second headphone socket and since that unit was stolen from me I can't check. I'm sure the microphone is working properly as I constantly use it with the N707 (the connection is in deed gold). The disc was in good shape, HOWEVER It did combine both stereo and mono recordings, something I stopped doing after this incident. I never had this problem using the R70 on SP Stereo (using the same mic, disc, battery etc.) so I reckon this would only happen on mono. I can't try to digitize that recording on another unit because the disc was in the recorder at the time I was robbed. Hi sfbp, I digitize all my recordings using a standard 3.5mm audio cable (non-gold) but this has never been a problem in the past (nor now). thank you both for you input! JD
  5. Do you think dirt inside the socket could cause this? I no longer have the unit so I can't check but I would just like to identify the source of the problem to avoid it in the future.
  6. I am having some problems when I switch the recording mode from SP stereo to mono on the MZ-R70. There are times when the recorder seems to identify silence while in reality the source is emiting sound. When I'm digitizing the recording, whose length could be 10 minutes, those sound blanks make it shorter, some times loosing up to 2 minutes of sound because it pauses constantly. This doesn't happen when I record mono on my other MD, MZ-N707.
  7. Thanks sfpb, first of all I am not a scientist just yet! but your last paragraph alone answers my question. I don't use a fancy microphone (sony ecm-ms907 or something like that) and I digitize the analog minidisc recordings using audacity at 16 bit 44.1 kHz and then analyse the calls using fancy software from Cornell University's ornitology lab. which lets me calculate all the meassurements I need (peak frequency, begin time, end time, entropy etc.) I might add my recordings with the mz-r70 have turned out very 'scientificly acceptable' and i'm writing a paper regarding neotropical frog sistematics which is soon to be published. thanks again for your input. JD
  8. Hello everyone, to keep it short I need to know if my current md gear is suitable for the technical demands of bioacoustics analysis. Frog calls (my subject of study) are usually in the range of the 20 Hz - 20.000 Hz. I was offered a tape recorder but doing technical research I found it to have a frequency response of 250 Hz - 6.300 Hz. I've downloaded the service manual of my Sony MZ-R70 and its frequency response equals that of the suggested range (+/- 3 dB) HOWEVER, I would like to know what range of frequencies are being manipulated to achieve the 292 kbps compression of the atrac format. Some frogs call in ultrasound, mind you. thanks JD
  9. If I connect my portable with an optically recorded SP disc to my computer and use sonicstage to title the tracks, will my files remain as true 292 kbps SP or will it somehow transform them to 132 kbps?
  10. Although I only use SP I've had this question on the back of my mind. Recording the same song from a CD played through the play station 2 and recording it via optical cable to MD, will there be differences between the sound captured by two different portable recorders such as MZ-R70 and MZ-N707 (wich has 'type R') ? (both recording on SP mode of course)
  11. check this out: http://www.discogs.com/explore?fmt=Minidisc&page=1
  12. Unable to vote...292 kbps SP mode [CD -> PS2 (optical) -> MD]
  13. SUPER! I only have those golden sonys and transparent memorex
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