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  1. That sounds like it might work. Would it harm the battery to charge it in this way? cheers Mat
  2. Its not a stupid question, but I did try another disc. The one which came with it I tried in my NH900 and it worked. I also tried one which I recorded with the NH900 and it didn't work in the NH1 (i.e., NO DISC). This disc also worked in my NH600.
  3. Hi All, I was quite pumped when I won an auction for an MZ-NH1 for 35 GBP (about 50 USD). Only snag is it doesn't come with remote or charging stand (ah! I can hear you say..) But no remote is fine for me because I just want to use it for basic recording and playback. I have an NH900 for editing if need be. And I was planning on making a battery pack out of the USB cable. But when I plug the unit into a PC with the USB cable, it doesn't recognise the disc. It says "PC--MD" or similar briefly, has the spinning disc iconn, and then goes straight to "NO DISC" and won't budge. I listen very carefully when the USB cable is plugged in and I can hear a motor spinning up, but none of the louder clicking noises I get with the NH900 and NH600 when they spin up a disc. Now I read one post that said a person ran into this due to a crash in sonicstage. And the problem got solved when they plugged it back into the charging stand (6V supply). Apparently the battery was unable to reset their problem. But I don't want to go to all the trouble of building a battery pack for a dead unit. The unit by the way has the battery, but its dead, and the USB won't charge it beyond about 3 mA trickle!! So....does anyone live anywhere near Haywards Heath, West Sussex, and own a charging stand for an MZ-NH1 they would be willing to test my MZ-NH1 in? Or doese anyone else have any other suggestions? cheers Mat
  4. Hi All (MDfreak especially). Sorry to resurrect such an old thread, but I will soon be obtaining an NH1 without the charging cradle (but with the USB cable). I've been looking on the forums for a way to power the unit using the USB cable. I know it can't be done by the computer (multiple posts!) I really like the project idea of this page and would like to adapt it to NH1. I will need a 6V voltage regulator. I'm planning on using a variable regulator. Also I want to use NiMH batteries, so will need about 8 of them (because the regulator will eat about 2V). I'm a bit concerned about over-discharging. So I'm trying to figure out how to add a protection mechanism to shut off the circuit if the voltage falls below a certain level. So far the best I've been able to come up with is the idea of wiring a second op-amp circuit tuned to a switching voltage a little below the first one. The output of this would trigger a latching relay to switch off the circuit (i.e., its default position would be to keep the circuit on). Would this work? It seems like there must be a more elegant solution to this... Any suggestions appreciated!
  5. mat_skm

    Which Hi-MD

    Hi Bob, So I just won an auction on an NH900 for 72 GBP (about $100). It has all accessories, and the seller seems a standup chap.. cheers Mat
  6. mat_skm

    Which Hi-MD

    Thanks Bob, there's a possibility of an NH900, any reason I should go for that over the NH700? cheers Mat
  7. mat_skm

    Which Hi-MD

    Hi All, I'm in the market for either an NH600 or NH700 (I can live without the mic input if necessary). I'm in the UK, and wondering what the options are for purchasing. There are a couple of options on ebay. I'm also wondering what is a good price. At a guess (judging by amazon prices), a good condition NH600 (with usb cable!) would be a bargain at 40 pounds (about 60 USD), and a good condition NH700 would be a bargain at 50 pounds (about 75 USD). Is that about right? Or should I be looking for lower prices? cheers Mat
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