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  1. Hi - One of my Sony JA20-ES decks became a little quirky on me the other day. After playing I went to eject the disc and the unit started to make a continuous clicking noise directly underneath where the disc is stationed in the unit during playback. It would not eject the disc. No buttons would cease this malfunction other than unplugging the unit. I tried plugging and unplugging the unit many times in an effort to reset some sort of function. No luck though. I took the cover and bottom plate off the unit and searched to find anything awry. I located a white piece of rectangular plastic (with gear threads on just one end) which appeared to be out of place. It was not broken off, just lodged inside. It has a number "4" stamped on it. I removed this, plugged it in and now seems to be working great. I am wondering if this piece came loose and would need to be put back to its orginal position? I certainly don't want it to cause problems down the road. Anyone out there familiar with a JA20-ES's internals? I can send a picture of the piece if necessary.
  2. Hi JJ - I am interested, how much are you looking for?
  3. I'm interested in how people are using their MD gear now in 2011 and beyond. Please share your specific applications and reasons for them. I listen and sample music, preferably alternative and electronic, from many sources inlcuding internet (offtheradarmusic.com, hype machine, etc.), satellite radio (sirius xmu, alt.nation, etc.) , hard drives from friends and compact discs. I enjoy finding new music so much that I try to listen as often as I can and try to have something new playing in the background throughout the day. I am listening right now! I've always been obsessed with capturing inspirational and motivational music to playback anytime desired. When I hear a track I like I mark it as a 'keeper', and it is recorded onto an MD compilation disc. I average about 18 - 22 tracks per MD in SP. Discs are labeled according to decade. For example, 70's are "Album #" 80's are titled "Volume #", 90's are "Disc #", 00's are "Capsule #" and now the 10's are "Registry #". Obviously, I retro-recorded the 70's, 80's and most of the 90's as MD wasn't available. I've been creating these discs since 1999. When not sampling and searching for new music I'm listening to MD compilations. These compilations contain my 'cream of the crop' tracks which are pre-screened and selected totally without filler. So nice! One place I almost always listen to the compilation discs are in my '01 Honda CRV outfitted with self-installed Sony ES gear. Sony MDX-65 --> Sony CDX-C90ES/CDX-C910ES/CDX-M670ES --> Sony XEC-700/XDP-4000X --> (2) Sony XM-5046ES --> Boston Acoustics Pro 6.4 component system, 10.5LF subwoofer and (4) RM6 two-ways. Sound from this system is absolutely wonderful and I'm so thankful!! No mp3 players here! First, I find them much too small to view and operate while driving. Is there much difference from texting? Texting is illegal here in MI. I'm not so much worried about the ticket but my safety. I know the RM-X11 remote buttons so I don't have to take my eyes away from the road much. Second, they really aren't at home hanging from a wire in the dash. Bluetooth? No thanks, not hi-fi to my ears. MD's are also the preferred format inside the home (if not sampling). I do incorporate a PC home network via (3) PS3's, one at each of 3 televisions. This is very convenient and sounds very good but has some drawbacks. First, energy consumption is greater running both a TV and PS3 instead of just one MD deck. Second, I don't have a TV at all locations I listen to music. Third, I do not yet own an MZ-M200 to upload the compilation discs into the network (this is definitely on the "to do" list). I use a JA20ES to record at the PC real time via headphones. I use a JA333ES on a nightstand next to the bed connected to a pair of headphones. I use a JA20ES outside in a 4 season gazebo (satellite radio is the other listening option here). I use a JA50ES in a home theater set up. I use a JA20ES in the basement for exercise. While at work I use a number of devices currently, an MZ-E33, MZ-R50 (too bulky and heavy) and a Cowon J3. This will change with the addition of an MZ-M200 and the capability to upload compilations to the PC. From the PC I plan to transfer compilations to the J3. Lighter, smaller and fit for that job. For outdoor cycling I use a Sony NWZ-A829, just perfect. I back-up almost all music on compact disc, originals and burned. I have a wall full of CD's stored in their jewel cases in Can-Am cabinets. I prefer this method as hard drives will die. I believe manufactured CD's, if taken care of, will last you a lifetime. Burned, I'd say it has much to do with the manufacturer, in my own experience. With all these discs, both MD's and CD's, some sort of file system is needed. I cataloged my entire collection using OrangeCD Catalog which is a one-time subscription cost of $35 US. It's here - http://www.firetongue.com/purchase.html With this subscription you get unlimited upload capabilities to RacksandTags. My online catalog is here - http://www.racksandtags.com/cyberstasz/ Depending on your collection size, it may take some time. I came up to speed in about 9 months.
  4. Hi all, Does anyone know if Sony is still manufacturing the MZ-M200 or if the new units still available for sale are just old stock? The way Sony works today I would bet the building has been torn down and rebuilt to make accessories for the iPod! If they are just old stock I suppose it is time to purchase a few of those units.
  5. Hi, Do you still have the MD player? Mike
  6. Hi ZosoIV, I'm interested in your JA20. Please post picks or send me an email to cyberstasz@sbcglobal.net. I do not have an NH1 or RH1 to trade, I can only offer payment. Thanks, Stasz
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