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  1. Hi all, After my Mega-bass problems, to be read here: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=22172 Now my device doesn't transfer recordings to my hard drive anymore. Does anyone have any advice for me? I tried to re-install Sonicstage, removing the disc, restarting windows. I also tried another disc. All without luck..... I'm afraid this could be the end of my hi-MD
  2. Hi again, It seems the problem keeps returning. I'm afraid there's not much t0 be done anymore about it. Or is there anyone who has some new advice? Yesterday I taped a gig and I just tried to transfer the recording to my hard disc using Sonicstage. It doesn't transfer the track, it just stops, whereas I can still upload from my library to the device.
  3. I'll try once again leaving the battery out for some days more. You're damn right....
  4. Thanks. What I already noticed however, is that I had a Sound EQ preset to "Pop" before I removed the battery. This setting was still intact after the battery had been out overnight. Shouldn't a reset put all settings back to normal?
  5. It seems like this worked. The bass isn't that muddy anymore, I'm in the process of testing some bassy stuff, and it looks like I have my working unit back!!
  6. No luck after removing the battery, still the same "bass-distortion" Is there a possibility to re-install the firmware in the device? Any other suggestions? I hope that in any case I can still record with the device. I'm a regular taper of concerts, hopefully this is not affected by all this.....
  7. Thanks for this! Sorry for late replying. I'll try when I get home to remove the battery for some minutes, sounds like it might work (I sure hope so!) And indeed, the device has no Mega Bass setting, it just sounds like it.
  8. first tip is most useful, second tip: already tried that, no luck
  9. Yeah I checked all menu's, can't adjust anything. I played the same track ("massive attack - protection", because of the beautiful low) in my 2 players, the hi-md had VERY muddy, ugly bass, the MZ R70 had a very good, controlled bass sound. Could the converter be damaged? Could a driver reinstall help? In any case I will call Sony for help (I'm not very hopeful though) And in case it can't be repaired, where should I best buy a new one?
  10. Hello all, I'm new to the forum, but have been a Minidisc user since 1996 now. 2 weeks ago I had a small accident. I bumped into someone while cycling with my headphones on, causing the MD (RH 910 Hi-MD) device to stop and enter "pause mode". However, it seemed to play fine afterwards. Didn't use the device for 10 days after that happened. Now today, suddenly the sound has worsened severely, I have some kind of Mega Bass sound. Does anyone know what could be wrong, or even better, how to solve this? I tried all sound options, but nothing helped until now. I tried other headphones, but it's definitely in the device. Please advice, all help is appreciated.
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