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  1. You are right, i was foolishly only looking at my portable player, not thinking about the recording part that would go on the other side of the disc. I still want to attempt it however.
  2. No I agree there might be differences with slot loading and clamshell mechanics. But since the disk is sealed except for the bottom center and the bottom disc area, the rest isn't touched. They converted a xbox 360 drive to slot loading and they had to worry about the top and the bottom of the disc drive. MD only reads and touches the bottom of the disc, so even though its smaller it might be do-able. I would be most worried about if the Hi-MD laser/mag assemply travels farther or shorter then a regular md drive. I would love a slot loading 1 gb disc drive for my laptop or pc, I am going to try getting a donor slot md drive like an old sony or sharp 722 and a doner HI-MD drive. I was thinking the Sony MZ-NH600D would be a good drive, only 70-120 dollars and its HI-MD with usb connection. Any one have any opinion on any other cheap HI-MD drives to take apart. I want function and cheapness, looks don't matter.
  3. Hey I am a long time Minidisc fan, but a recent join to this group. I have been very interested in getting a HI-MD player but I want one that is slot loading. Any chance there is a portable slot loading HI-MD player. If not does any one have any broken units or pictures to compare the inside of a HI-MD unit to a regular MD or NetMD player. My hope is to swap the laser/magnet assembly from a HI-MD player into a regular md slot loading mechanism. I fully expect it to never fit perfect into an older case but with a little hack sawing and a slightly larger case, I could have a slightly larger box with a slot loading HI-MD opening in the front and a USB in the back.
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