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  1. Thanks Stephen, Yeah I've taken both the bottom and top casings right off, as described in the service manual, and played with varying tightness of screw but it doesn't seem to help. The bottom two screws you desribe mainly effect the position of the 'cabinet' (the bit that houses the controls and OLED display), which can effect the tightness of the eject button, but seems quite separate from the lid. I think my problem is with the latch mechanism, or perhaps the frame of the lid is bent - I was hoping someone else had some advice before I delved any deeper! Cheers, Ben
  2. Hi there, I have a problem with my MZ-RH1. The symptom is that, while handling it, the unit will suddenly reset (ie. turn off then on again). This happens both during playback and recording, and also both while using just the battery or just the usb connection for power. The lid seems to have quite a lot of play in it when closed - it moves up and down about 1mm both sides at the front, and I'm pretty sure this is causing the "lid closed switch" to think the lid is opening when it's actually not. (I have no idea what this switch is actually called, but it's located just forward of the white line-in jack.) This is mainly a problem when using the 'jog leaver'. When pushing it up into the FF position, I tend to push the leaver up with my thumb while pushing down on the lid with my forefinger. It turns out this action cause the left side of the lid to raise enough to take pressure off this switch. Also, twisting the whole unit down at the front-left and rear-right corners, while pushing up on the front-right and rear-left corners, causes the front left corner of the lid to raise about 3mm - completely off the switch. I actually have a second MZ-RH1 which does not have this problem (the lid closes very firmly and doesn't move at all), but I can't see any obvious difference, it simply doesn't twist as much! My temporary fix has been to wedge a tiny bit of (green) masking tape on top of the switch, which works great. But ideally I'd like to reduce the play in the lid. The only other post I could find on the issue was from nearly 3 years ago. Has anyone had any experience with this? I've tried tightening and loosening various screws, but I'm frightened to disassemble the unit further than I should! Cheers, Ben
  3. I have a MZ-RH1 and have encountered a similar problem. Some times when I try to start recording it will display "Protected Disk". I think it's a mechanical problem because, if I eject and reinsert the disk, then squeeze the player's casing above/below the write-protect tab it will always go into record with no problems. If I don't give a squeeze about 50% of the time it will display the false "protected disk" message. However, it also often displays "Disk Full" when it actually isn't... which may be another problem all-together.
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