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  1. I just finished a copycat of the dental floss battery box to replace the Sound Professionals box I have that has a short in it. I got to use it last week for Split Lip Rayfield and Reverend Horton Heat and I haven't gotten to play with the recording much yet I'm very pleased so far. Thank you VERY much GM for doing this post several years ago. I wish I had something like this when I first invested several hundred dollars on a piece of equipment that isn't as easy to smuggle in and is harder to change the battery out! Now, I would like to do a new set of mics but as the preferred elements in this post are now discontinued, what is the new standard? Is there one yet? I bought a few radio shack elements that were on clearance for $.47 just to play with so I don't ruin a good set but need to get some good ones. I'd like to try to make a set in a pair of earphones for an even better stealth set. Thanks again to all who have contributed to this thread!
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