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  1. I'm actually not sure it's the ECM-55. It's one of the models (44, 55, 66, 77), but they don't say the model number on them, and they all look very similar. They're hardwired to an 1/8" connector, but when I plug it into my mic-in jack on my MD, I hardly get anything when everything's at full, and only out of the left channel. I guess the plug-in power isn't enough for it? I'm going to build the battery box first and see if that amplifies it more first. Then I'll work on wiring two together to make a stereo pair. I'm just going to do trial and error, and I'll try to post my results.
  2. I've got two Sony ECM-55's that I'm looking to wire into a stereo pair for use with a battery box and my MD NF-810. I haven't made the battery box yet. My question is, the capsules I've seen pictures of in this thread are unbalanced, only having two leads. The ECM's have three leads (red, white, shield), how should I wire them up? I've been scanning this thread, but I haven't seen anything yet, so I figured I'd post. I've also looked around quite a bit on other sites, but I haven't come up with a definitive answer.
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