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  1. Thanks heaps MarC! yes that helps a lot! I assume I should I play the MD at max volume too? thanks again, I went to your website but it was down, if I wish to make a donation where shall I send it? it'll only be a small token one, but I'd like to. am about to embark on the MD transfering mission, and so I will donate when it's all done as a thankyou. Cheers Grillzey One very last quicky, I am using Sonictsage 1.5 Will that affect the quality , or ability to record my MD's?????? it seemed transfer my music to MP3/flac/WAV all perfectly. cheers grillzey
  2. Hi all, this is my first Post! Thankyou MarC for your awesome renderer. I have years of Md music, 100's of discs, that I can now finally get back into a WAV or flac file. You're a lifesaver! When it's all done I'll definately consider sending a small thankyou donation your way.. Advice Please............... I'm using the MD recorder function on renderer version 1 - beta 4, with Sonicstage 1.5 (as the latest SS won't install on my Acer Aspire netbook no matter how hard I try!) When setting the level for 'capture source' , what should I be aiming for? Using the 'Show Capture' I can see the range of sound, should I aim to keep all the sound within the visible area? should I keep it in the 'blue'? at what point does it distort? Also, should I have the Md on full volume? I'm recording everything to WAV, using a straight 3.5 mm jack from the headphone jack on my Md to the mic in jack on my PC. Any suggestions to get the best quality recordings??????? Thanks to all for their posts, have been pouring over this site for days, any help much appreciated, rock on, cheers Grillzey in Adelaide, Australia
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