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  1. Hello, I have tried looking everywhere (I'm pretty unlucky), I thought the N-10 could be charged with an AC adaptor, but once I got it, discovered there's no power input jacks on it, then went online and found the cradle was needed. Anyhow, thanks for the advice on the Denon on eBay, I emailed the seller but they couldn't help me. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. Hello, I purchased a used Sony N-10 off eBay, but it didn't come with cradle. It appears to be the only way to charge the unit? It has an internal Li-ion battery. I went to sonyparts but it's too expensive to buy, wondering if anyone has a Sony N-10 cradle they'd like to sell? Thanks.
  3. Hello all, I bought a second-hand Denon Minidisc Deck, DMD-1600ALB, but am having trouble locating the manual online. I've tried contacting Denon USA support, but they cannot find the manual because this particular unit is a Japanese unit. I also went to Denon's Japanese website, but since I cannot read Japanese, I can't locate the manual. They do have the unit under their products, but I can't seem to find the manual (maybe because I can't read Japanese?). I also tried searching on this board, but can't find it. Does anyone have idea where I can find the manual? Thanks much!
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