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  1. Wow! Could I salvage a recording arm from any other R-series MD recorders? I have a broken R91 I bought for cheap, just wondering if that recording arm can replace my R50's bent one.
  2. I've bent the recording arm. *goes off to cry*
  3. I have no idea how to interpret the reading or what i'm meant to be seeing on the display but it did come back with a reading. Even gave a high pitch noise from the reader.
  4. Sorry for constantly probing for answers, but I was just wondering - when I cleaned the recording head I may have caused it to move from its original position. If I was to reposition the head, where about should it be placed and how would it look like?
  5. Dagnamit i'm so indecisive. I'm not selling it, I just can't let go of it!
  6. From the looks of it, I can't see any separation at that supposed crack in the cable. Regardless i'll offload it. If I can somehow bring it back to life, that would be a bonus!
  7. The only odd anomaly I could see on the ribbon was this - Very large image.
  8. The head is still attached. What I did do was clean the head with an alcohol based cleaner.
  9. Thank you for your help guys, but the heads gone and I can't fix it. I'll be ebay-ing it as faulty later.
  10. Aye, just noticed that. Think i'll give them a email for any help they can give (if they can give any anyway). If the recording head is dud, what could most likely kill it?
  11. Hello everyone! I recently picked up a second hand MZ-R50 off eBay for £10, along with many other items the seller did not state in the auction (carry pouch, optical cable - guessing this was a imported from Japan, blank discs and charger) and I was quite happy with it. But for £10, this little baddass piece of kit stopped recording after two weeks (playback unaffected). Its not in the best condition, it was cosmetically rough with a few dents. Nonetheless I noticed that its previous owner had opened the unit and several screws were missing. Oh dear. Well, it still kept together quite nicely. I took a look on the Sony eSupport site and surprisingly it had something on the MZ-R50. LINK. I'm a bit confused with the fourth step, "Initialize the internal flash memory." How does one achieve that step with the R50? On a side note I took a look inside of the R50, not touching anything but to remove any dirt lying around in the unit. Since it was opened before, I noticed the recording head. I just like to confirm if the head is meant to rest on a metal arm or lie under it. Thanks! Image.
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