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  1. Anyone tried this modification with a Sony MZ-NF810? Actually, I'd be interested to hear if anyone has tried it with any portable MD and how well it works.
  2. Are you guys discussing input levels of the MD recorder when recording? I was actually wondering about how I should go about setting the input level in the computer's software if doing an optical recording from an MD recorder as many of my environmental recordings vary a lot in audio levels. With music it would be easy to check the average level, so that would be easier. Or.... isn't there any level adjustments involved when recording optically (unlike an analog recording session on a computer) as it's really just a stream of data?
  3. I think you may have misunderstood my use for the MD. I haven't done any CD, MP3 or other music transfers to MDs, but made my own analog recordings (speech, environmental sounds etc.) which I need to edit and use on my computer. The only use I will have for an MD deck (if I decide to go that route) is the optical out as I assume it will give a much better result than re-recording analog. I don't care about its recording features and will probably sell it once I've transferred all of my MD discs' contents over to my computer. But it occured to me that not all MD decks might be compatible with my recordings... (?) As far as I recall, most of my MDs (on the MZ-NF810) are recorded in LP2 mode, and some in SP recorded mostly in LP2 mode, all using the mic/line input. The deck I've seen for sale is a Sony MDS-JE510. I downloaded its manual, but I see no mention of MDLP (MD Long Play), so perhaps it won't be able to play my MZ-NF810 recorded discs on it?
  4. Thanks, yes it helps The big question now is if I should spend 300 bucks or not on a MZ-RH1. I've read about optical transfers, being another "lossless" and digital method, although in realtime, so I've dismissed it because of the time it takes, but perhaps I should reconsider as the cost of a 2nd hand MD deck (with optical output) will be much less. Does anyone here have any experience with such transfers? (My Mac has optical audio inputs, and I have several audio applications for recording. My only concern is which setting my input level should have as my recordings have very varying levels, being environmetal sounds for the most part, unless optical audio will be like a "data stream" where there's no input level to be concerned about).
  5. Oops, you're quite right So I guess that also answers one of my own questions: that Hi-MD units other than the MZ-RH1 can't upload Net-MD recordings to the computer (but I suppose they can still digitally upload Hi-MD recordings done with the same Hi-MD recorder even if it's not an MZ-RH1).
  6. Sorry for all my questions, but having read other postings in this forum I came across "The essential Hi-MD info/FAQ" where it says (read especially what I've colored in red): I'm utterly confused now! So can or can't "old" (Net-MD) recordings be digitally transferred (i.e. not in real time, but simply dumped over to the computer as audio files)? I'm certainly not going to invest in an MZ-RH1 if it can't do that after all.
  7. Yes, that's a better idea than re-recording it analog, but it's the time for this that I don't have (given that everything has to be transferred in real time). I just want to quickly dump over my recordings as you do with any modern MP3 player, digital camera etc. (I assume this is how it's done with the MZ-RH1/SonicStage). Unfortunately my MD-recorder doesn't have any optical output (although there's an optical line input which I've never used), which is probably why you suggest I buy a stationary MD deck if I want to go this route. But I did come across this discussion thread which explains how to make your own optical output for portable MD recorders in case someone else reading this is interested.
  8. So in the end it looks like I will have to invest in an MZ-RH1/MZ-M200 I was considering getting a new recorder anyway, so I no longer would have to waste my time doing realtime analog transfers, but leaning towards a solid state flash based recorder (no moving parts, no stupid copy protection issues etc.). Won't any Hi-MD recorder do, just the MZ-RH1/MZ-M200? Older Hi-MD models will probably go for cheaper on the 2nd hand market, which is why I ask. Regarding software: I downloaded and installed Hi-MD music transfer 2.0 for Mac, but is my understanding correct that in order to transfer old MD recordings (e.g. my NF810 Net-MD recordings, mostly done in LP2 and SP modes as far as I remember) only SonicStage 4.3 will allow for this? But Hi-MD recordings (done with any Hi-MD recorder) can easily be transferred using the Mac software? Yes, I have an external Mac/Windows formatted USB and Firewire hard drive, so dumping over the WAV files there will be no problem. I don't quite understand. I want my transferred files playable by any computer, not just computers running SonicStage. Isn't it just a matter of doing the first stage ("uploading" my old recordings from the MZ-RH1/MZ-M200 with the help of SonicStage 4.3, which then saves those recordings (in a proprietary format I guess) as WAV files on the PC)? I already have audio conversion/editing software on my Mac, so I can edit those WAV files any time later, convert them to MP3 etc. By the way, won't converting the transferred audio (ATRAC) into yet another compressed format (MP3) worsen the quality, while converting the ATRAC audio into WAV will preserve everything in the original recording. I was thinking that after I've transferred all my MD discs' contents over to my external hard drive (via the PC running SonicStage) I'll burn the WAV files to DVDs for safekeeping. From then on I can dig out each WAV file individually, edit whatever is needed, then choose to further save the edited material as MP3, WAV, AIFF etc. (whichever I find retains the quality the best without taking up too much space. I found Avrin's Ultimate SonicStage 4.3 here (in case other readers are interested), and also downloaded the original SonicStage from the link you posted above. Now, I'm no Windows/PC expert, but after reading other postings my understanding is that the installer for SonicStage is very problematic/confusing, so Avrin has made a new installer?I just hope I don't need to mess around with the registry or some other "hacking" type of activity in Windows in order to get this done.
  9. I have lots of MD discs with my own recordings (mic/line input) done with my Sony MZ-NF810 Net-MD recorder and (like so many others) would like to have them transferred to my computer. I know the usual answer to my dilemma is to re-record audio on the computer from the MD player's line out (in real time), but life's too short for that (besides, what's the point with a digital recorder if my recordings have to go through yet another A/D and D/A stage? I might as well have used an analog cassette recorder then). I'm hoping there's a solution, but I need help in clearing up all the confusion: 1) I've heard that there's a specific version of the Sonic Stage software (version 3.4?) that will allow me to "upload" any recording done with the mic or line input. Is this correct, and will I then be able to transfer my recordings as files, digitally, via the USB port on my MZ-NF810? 2) Having read through several postings in this forum it seems that digital file transfers from an MD recorder to a computer only works with a Sony Hi-MD device, not just any MD recorder. If this is correct, can I transfer the contents of my MD discs using a Sony MZ-RH1? Could I also use any other Hi-MD unit for this? (it'll only be used in order to transfer my previous recorded MD discs, so I don't want to spend money unnecessarily). 3) To complicate things even further I'm using a Mac, not a PC running Windows, which of course rules out Sonic Stage. I can of course borrow a PC from someone in order to complete this task, but it would be easier if Mac compatible software could be used. I know that the Sony MZ-RH1 comes with Mac software, but I suppose it only works for that particular model? I've also heard that there's some open-source software out there, but I'm not sure if any of it will help me with my transfer issue. Can someone please help me clear up the confusion and hopefully help me find a way to easily transfer all my MD recordings over to a computer, preserving the quality and doing it quickly (doing real-time recordings of my MD player would probably take months to do).
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