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  1. ok, thanks all for your comments, if the devices are all compatible then i can widen the search. Just need to find someone in Cyprus so i can take my MD's and laptop then record in the audio !
  2. I haven't managed to confirm whether the units are compatible - is there an 'official' support channel for MiniDisc Multi-Track recorders ?
  3. I found the multi-track table and now 'think' the device was a Yahama MD-4 but unless i can find one where i live (Cyprus) then i can't try it. Obviously being able to 'know' if the data MiniDisc will play on any multi-track would open the search right up, anyone able to confirm ?
  4. Hi. Recently i dug out my minidisc player which i used to record jam sessions for my band into then review for good riffs etc, anyway aside from a great walk down memory lane i also found old some 10-year old data MD's which we were used to multi-track into. I don't remember who or what we used ? Was about 10-12 years ago and was a relatively portable device as the guy brought down by car then left with us for weekend. I would like to grab as WAV each of the separate tracks from each of the 5 discs and then can manipulate within PC software to 'remix' the old band ! any ideas/suggestions MUCH appreciated Geoff
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