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  1. Late to this, haven't used my RH1 for a while... now have a new PC with Windows 7 and a new recording I want to transfer from the MD but can't plug and play as I could with XP... is there an English language version of the above update yet? I'm getting a 'Cannot install with this Windows Language' error.
  2. The non-existence, after all these years, of any sort of file retrieval system from Hi-MD is extremely bad news, but typical of Sony's top-heavy technical "cleverness". I recorded a concert last night, after which the MD entered "save" mode, and now all it says is "NO TRACK". It's the first time this has happened, but that doesn't make it any better. Has anyone successfully retrieved Hi-MD data via Sony Media Services, and what sort of fee are we talking? I'd be prepared to pay, but only if there's a chance it could actually be done. After several failures similar to this with standard MD, usually from battery failure (I successfully 'cloned' many of these discs once I found out the solution, but god only knows how many recordings I overwrote prior to this, thinking the discs were blank), I thought this problem would be solved by investing in the new system. What a grave disappointment. Sony really should get their rear ends kicked for this. I am ready to ditch this whole daft recording system and move to something that actually works without all the technical black holes. I wonder if that member several years ago who was going to sue Sony for mental anguish over lost and irretrievable research interviews he'd done in the Domenican Republic actually went through with it? They need a good class action on their hands to smarten them up. What *should* have been the last straw for me was when Sonic Stage told me that a whole heap of ATRAC files I'd previously ripped to my computer couldn't be played or accessed because they'd "expired". Give me a break. Unfortunately I have to use the damn thing over the next two nights for the same purpose because there's no alternative. If I strike any more problems the unit will most likely be finding itself sinking to the floor of the nearest river, unless some other masochist wants to buy it from me.
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