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  1. a fan of minidisc, not money!

  2. gettin the 'ell outta here

    1. sfbp


      Hope not, Danny

  3. If the moderator/s are happy with the situation, I guess that seals it. Or maybe they should just scrap the classifieds section - or rename it to something like 'links to sales on other sites'? Or maybe people should just put links for their sales in their signature? Especially as how whenever someone does post their stuff for sale here, half the time someone (not naming names) responds along the lines of 'post it on eBay instead - the members here are tight with money'. If that's the case, why point to your eBay auctions: the members here aren't interested for those prices ie why waste your time linking, and ours reading? If I turn the tv onto a news channel, I expect to hear the news NOT to be told to switch to another channel to watch it instead. Am I in the wrong about this?
  4. Perhaps my English is not so good - let me try again: Why announce, in these classifieds, something for sale elsewhere exclusively? Not to mean your US-auctions, but your NON-FORUM auctions. If I look at this section of the forum, I am expecting/hoping to see something of relevance - not a redirect to another site. And I don't mean to question just your habit of doing it - there are/have been others ;-)
  5. And yet again you link to a US only auction (of yours) on a forum with members ALL OVER THE WORLD that you don't even offer it to. Just wondering, what is your thinking/reasoning behind doing this?
  6. Do you plan on using any of them for music, or just to make money? If you want to know what things are worth to sell, them sell them and find out. If you are only selling them on eBay (and not just you), good luck to you - but how about not wasting the time of forum users by posting about them here WHEN THERE IS A DEDICATED CLASSIFIEDS SECTION that you people are completely disrespecting!! With all due respect, Danny
  7. "On this forum, no one will pay eBay prices" So why is it that you 'advertise' your eBay listings on this forum?
  8. The 12 holder could have been designed better - it tends to want to drop one side of discs out of their hold when you open it 'normally'. And yeah, his original prices were nuts!! Even half still crazy - but for (cool) MD stuff, you gotta do what you gotta do :-) :-P
  9. I have several royal shadow and asahi. Set (and extra) Memorex sg - many, many maxell oz, etc, etc.
  10. You should be very proud of those new discs.
  11. And a denon machine that is similar to the Sony MDS-W1! But I'm nowhere near the UK, either :'( :-( :'(
  12. Yours was, if I recall correctly ... Though it was quite a few days (about a year?) ago Heeheehee
  13. I have never said they are only available as one lot- quite the opposite, in fact!! If someone is interested in them all, at once, what do you expect the total price and postage to be? Do you think I can somehow sneak them onto an airplane and not have to pay for postage? If one is worth, say, 10 dollars, does that mean 10 are worth 60, and 30 are worth $100? I even asked you, macaddict, specifically if we should do a big deal in smaller pieces - you said all or nothing! I have always tried to be generous in my transactions, but there is a limit to that. I have honestly stated these are available to buy/trade for - NOT 'FREE TO A GOOD HOME'. Make me an offer, not try really, really hard to rip me off. If no-one is interested, that's fine. Want me to give em away - fly down to Australia, find out where I live, camp outside my home, wait for me to put them in the rubbish. Good luck with that!
  14. If there is no serious/reasonable interest in the albums, individually or collectively, I will start posting them on ebay in a few days. I am not after ebay prices via this forum - that is illogical and unreasonable. Do not expect me to give em away though - I'm not THAT crazy :-P
  15. I have no idea what that means - can you rephrase that please? To clarify my position, I'm happy to get rid of them for what the market thinks they are worth. As a 'buyer' in that market, I think the cases alone have value. If anyone is looking to get things off me for the express purpose of reselling, then you are inherently trying to get a bargain (and rip ME off in the process - not cool!). In other words, if you want em - cool. If not - cool. :-) Danny
  16. That price is NOT right. Shipping alone, for a 3kg package, pretty much anywhere from Australia, is close to 100 bucks. If anyone has a problem with that, either don't bother, or complain to Australia Post. And even if you lived in the same street as me, that amount is LAUGHABLE!!!!
  17. Doesn't really matter. Cases can be swapped - IF the price is right.
  18. The most recent pics. All musicians are 'cracked' ;-)
  19. All discs are still available - for another week or so ... then they'll be off to ebay.
  20. Apologies to Zokuchou for the hijack: I've had an offer (a really, REALLY good one) for one or both of my Kenwood discs. Before I decide what to do, just thought I'd give members an opp to grab em. Anyone interested?? My value is unimportant - tell me what YOU think :-) Thanks for listening!
  21. Here are pics of the discs I currently have for trade/sale. See my post above for my interests if trading. Public or pm if interested. Let me know what you're after, and what YOU think things are worth! Residents of Earth only! NO ALIENS!!! (Overlords excepted) PayPal ok, maybe bank deposit if an Aussie.
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