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  1. That is exactly my point of view!!!! WHY does SONY still makes TAPE decks and recorders (that they are a PHILIPS format) and they STOPPED making MiniDisc Hi-Fi Deck Componets???? As for the comparisson of the MD to MP3 or any other DATA related format, MD was never intented to replace them! MD was intenetd to replase TAPE So why is SONY and TEAC and other still make TAPE decs but they do not make MD decks???? So please explain to me why is Sony STILL making TAPE decks???? Are they not dead dead? See here at the UK Sony 2010 online catalogue: http://www.sony.co.u...player/tc-we475 They make TAPE recorders!!!!!! (A Philips format!!!) So, what is going on? Philips got shares of SONY and they still promote a 1970's format where they made sony stop the production of much better TAPE REPLACEMENT format? Also, this is the MISTAKE most people are making about the MD: Mini disk was the FIRST digital compession format on the market in 1992! But people, took the (still) unfinished MP3 format because it was cheap and cheerfull and allowed a massive piracy trent! (By the way I do NOT have a SINGLE piece of music that I have not paid for in my collection). I bought the very first MZ-1 because I could see what it was offering and what it was replacing! I DO HAVE an iPod and I have MOST of my music in there and travel with it. But the MD was not to replace the iPOD! Can you record, re-edit (without software) move to another machine (without a PC) or do anything (except palying music that is) that the MiniDisc does? NO! And as we are talking about iPod, can someone ask Apple to stop producing products 10 years later than others and still promote them as "the first on the market and the most inovative yet"? Please we are not that thick! Example: I had my fist Windows Mobile in the 1990's with multitascking, cut and paste etc etc and Apple is only now bringing multitasking on the iPhone in version 4, 15-20 yeras later! I had a Windows XP tablet PC in 2002 and apple now did the iPad 8 years later and still promoting it like it has never happened before! lol
  2. Hi Everyone! I am trying to fight a cause for the MD/Hi-MD format and I hope that here I will find the support needed and try and show Sony that they just need to re-think their MD strategy.

  3. Hi The reason I am starting this posting is to get people to put some pressure on Sony as a group to continue support and add more devices (especialy Hi-Fi Hi-MD Deck Components) into their firepower! Will update the post soon with my thinking behind this. Come on people, start voting! Thank you. George
  4. Never mind! Maybe that is exactly why the MD format never kicked off! One of my "coded" messages exactly! ;-) Have a nice day too.
  5. Hi Steve and thank you for the reply. MD is not a voice recorder really... is it? No? Once again like Facebook is not email! (going back to to todays know it all teens that trying to do eveything on the cheap)! CHEAP is what comes to mind! What I am trying to say is: Sony and many other makes are still making TAPE decks! WHY? Because, when even in 2010, when you are building a Hi-Fi system, you still need tape. Why? Because people still have tapes and also people like to record as well not only to take their music on the go but to record from radio, anything from music that is has never been released on CD's to the news, to something important to them! Why is the MD been shut out from this? So Sony has not moved on from tape but has moved on from the MD? This is obsurd! This is because people of today are more interested on having their music on the move copy (even illegaly) and nothing more. I have been in to AV since a teenager. Also a DJ in the mid 80's and learned from one of the number 1 DJ in the world in the mid-80's with some of the most famous Madona re-mixes... And AV is not just music to listen to in the car on on the road. Is also being able to make a home/small studio recordings on a versatile format! (and what is better than the MD for this)? You will say make a CD... Really? Do I need to remind the benefits of the MD, like editing withour software? Protective case? Re-recordable? Small? Transportable? Better than tape? Why are we all stuck on the MP3 etc etc I am a big fan of MP3... or Should I say AAC? Even a bigger fun of iTunes (I do not think that ANY music management softeare will ever be better from any point of view) But the MiniDisk is not comparable with ANY of these formats! What you really saying is because we now have MP3 and HDD recording devices, we should completely get rid of LP's CD's TAPE's MD's DAT's REEL to REEL and every other format that is not MP3? Should I throw my Technics SL-1210MK in the bin????? I do not think so! Such thinking doomed the MiniDisk from day one! Plus the fact that it nver launched in the US just because it was expensive!!!! Please! Why is the US the only controller of our lifes???? Not sure! Sorry, but we keep missing the point that MD (and now Hi-MD) is a non-comparable format!!! Full stop! And if Sony is still making TAPE decks then they should make Hi-MD decks! So they supporting the Philips format and they are not supporting theirs? Appologies, but i still do not agree! George
  6. Hi to all here! I do own the MZ-RH1 and it has solved my long problem of copying my legacy MD's to PC. I also proud to say that I bought the very first MZ-1 in 1992 and various other MD players since. But I feel there is a need to say something about the MD in general, in responce to posts I see here about the cost comparison to an iPod etc. I also own an iPod (recently changed to an iPhone). When I got my first MD unit (the MZ-1) iPods did not exist. Then iPods and othe MP3 players have come alive but I have never for a single moment dared to compare the MD to any MP3 player! I hope that most of you here will agree that the MD as a format was NEVER intented to replace any other format except maybe the TAPE! This is WHY the sales of the MD have never picked up! Because, when it first came out, Sony, never openly said that the MD format is the "Digital Ages'" replacement of TAPE! They just left it hanging for people to make their own judjment! And it all went WRONG! The MD is a fantastic format, was never intented to replace the CD. It HAS near CD quality, (MP3 is worst format and was rushed in the market and never completed - ever!). The MD is the perfect companion of a serious (seperates) Hi-Fi system. Can also be a portable player and as such was the fisrt in the market with near CD quality. What we NEED is to pressurize SONY to re-invent the MD and not to compare it with the MP3 format or iPod or any portable player! What happened here is exactly what is happening today with FACEBOOK! Todays clueless teens are using FACEBOOK to email each other instead of using email! Does this mean that companies should stop email all together? NO! Then SONY wake UP! Put a VOICE behind the best device you have ever made and fight! Do not let clueless people compare the marvel that is called MiniDisc to iPod or any MP3 player! It does SO much MORE We also need to see a full size Hi-Fi Hi-MD deck! Otherwise the MiniDisk WILL die! George
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