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  1. I did use GYM and another piece of software which worked through Winamp (I forgot the name) which did let me take my music from my A3000 to my PC. However the music, once on my pc would not playback in any media player I had on my pc (dispite each files details stating it was in an mp3 format). There were a handful of songs which did playback and they were all the songs with I had downloaded through things like BareShare so I don't understand why it didn't work for all of them. I connected my A3000 to my PC and tried to take music from it by going through My Computer etc. but all the songs were just titled as numerically making it impossible to know which was which. Surely by now someone must have found an easy way of doing this?
  2. Hi all, basically after hours and hours of looking on the internet and trial and error, I'm fed up with my a3000. Can someone here be kind enough to tell me straight whether i'm able to take my songs from my mp3 player and put them back on my pc with all the song information (atrist info etc.) still intact? Bareing in mind that the vast majority of my music has (stupidly) been saved in the ATRAC format. Please someone put me out of my misery Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I was wondering if there is any method of transfering atrac music files from my MP3 player back to my PC? All of the my songs are on my player are in an atrac format and I have since deleted the originals off my PC meaning the only place i have some of my music is on my mp3 player. I've been looking through the forums for a while to help me answer my question but found no straigh forward answer. Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  4. Well i've just realised that ml_sony and GYM will only extract .mp3 files from my nw-a3000 and not the atrac files on there (basically all of them) Does anyone know how i can get all my atrac files back onto my pc? thanks for the help
  5. Hi, sorry if this has been explained elsewhere but I've just imported all my music from my NW-a3000 back to my pc just incase I were ever to loose it from my mp3 player; however I don't seem to be able to play any of the imported songs on my pc in any program. (connect, windows media, winamp, real) The file format of all my songs is said to be .mp3 which makes me even more confused as I don't see why there would be a problem. Also now that I have my songs back on my pc will the actually be able to be transfered back on to my NW-a3000 the way they originally were? (having the correct album name, artist names, being in the right order etc) Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. cocknose

    nwa 3000 dock

    Yeah im starting to think a good set of speakers may be the way to go now! Cheers for the help guys!
  7. cocknose

    nwa 3000 dock

    cheers for the help, its a shame there aren't many 3rd party docks out there! Would an aux cable be the only way to connect it to an amp or PC speakers? Also i heard that the Logitech AudioStation Express is compatible with the nwa3000, can anyone tell me if this is true? Many thanks!
  8. cocknose

    nwa 3000 dock

    Hi can anyone help me choose a good docking station for my nwa-3ooo other then the sony SRS-NWM10? (ive heard the sound quality isnt very good and the volume cant go very high) I've looked around but can't find any that look quite stylish and say they are compatible with my nwa3000 any help is much appreciated!
  9. Thanks a lot, i'm in the UK so i'll look in that directory for who i can contant. Thanks again to you both!
  10. does anyone know where i could get a replacement back cover for my nwa3000? i scratched it and the little walkman logo pretty badly while opening it up to try and fix my artist link button. any ideas would be much appreciated!
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