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  1. I have two Yamaha MD8 multitrackers, one works fine, the other has recently displayed "Error 08" and the disc tray can't be opened. Not a single key on the machine will do anything, nor does unplugging the power lead and then reconnecting. The user manual says Error XX means a "fatal error occurred, contact your Yamaha dealer". Is there anything I can try myself?
  2. in full working order and with owner's manual. Ideally also with carrying case and/or original shipping box. I'm in the UK. Email smoore1308@live.co.uk
  3. I've been searching the site (including this forum) trying to find out what the "QS" suffix on some Sony decks signifies. Also, in some ebay ads sellers talk about some units being "UK tuned" (signified by a red badge on the front fascia) - what is this tuning, and is it worth bothering about?
  4. You could be right about the laser being borderline, but the deck (which is 13 years old but has only had light use) has no other symptoms to suggest this. It plays and records all discs perfectly, and it reads all TOCs as long as there is a TOC to read - the problem is strictly getting it to give a 'blank disc' TOC to a virgin disc - once it has initially done that it will always read that disc subsequently with no problem. Recently I found a trick which doesn't always work, but may increase the probability of C13 not appearing: before inserting the disc, press record (so the display shows AD-DA). Then insert the disc. I just tried this with a reluctant TDK MD-RXG and it failed on the first 2 attempts, but succeeded at the third!
  5. TOC Reading


    Must be in full working order with no known problems. Minor cosmetic imperfections acceptable. I'm a UK resident.
  6. Yes, hello, I've just changed my display name to one more apt for the minidisc community. I was surprised no one had chosen this one before! Main interest at present: acquiring a Sony JB930 deck (or possibly JB940, JE630 or JE770). What do all these decks have in common? That's right, they all have the connection for a PC keyboard. What a dream that would be when naming!

  7. Do you still have that Sony JB930 you were wanting to sell in March 2010? I am interested , I live in the UK. Please also remind me what SP record mode is (I'm guessing it's the regular stereo record mode that is on the JB920 that I already own). (I remember from reading the JB940 reviews on the minisisc.org website that LP modes are compressed modes, correct?) If you stiil have it please email me at fharrington@live.co.uk.
  8. I have always had problems with brand new TDK MD-RXG discs in the Sony MDS-JB920 deck. Often, if not always, the "C13 disc error" is displayed and the disc ejected. Re-inserting the disc SOMETIMES works, but with a recent pack of brand new discs it has not. Does anyone know a trick to overcome this? If not, I may have to abandon the MD-RXG discs and look for a blank disc that doesn't have this frustrating tendency.
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