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  1. oops! sorry i put it in the wrong section! if anyone here would like to switch it be my guest. and if anyone here wants to buy it let me know and ill take the auction down. you guys are more important!
  2. would rather sell it to one of you first if you want! let me know! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sony-MZ-NH600d-HI-MD-minidisc-player-with-Hi-MD-disc-battery-included-/261816795444?
  3. I am looking for an Sony MZ-RH10 for sale..eBay is always blah for this type of thing. I can do up to 200 and/or trades. lets discuss?
  4. Yeah, I just put what ebay suggested. Also - i got it with a free hi-ms disc. Im up for offers here too. Also - try to convince me to keep it! I bought it thinking I could upload mp3s/wav/aif from my old mac, but it won't work for some reason? Im using hi-ms transfer software on tiger.
  5. Just wanted to share that my hi-md MD walkman is for sale! http://www.ebay.com/itm/201079633649?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  6. casiokorg

    Mz rh10

    I'm just curious. What are people's opinions in this unit. I have it and use it daily. Still trying to figure out how to convert to atrac3 on Mac. Other than that I love it. Love the big display. Love the options. Love the scroll wheel. What do you all think if this. Why is the mzrh1 so much pricier when this seems to be more user friendly and the software so similar?
  7. is there ANY way to convert mp3 to AT3 on a mac?
  8. what im asking is - is their a way to convert mp3s to at3
  9. can i do this is HIMD transfer? thats a mac osx program
  10. casiokorg

    HIMD Decks

    are there any himd/cd combo decks? or just even himd decks?
  11. I use a MZRH10. I have an older ibook g4 that i use the HIMDtransfer software. some mp3s dont play for some reason. what are the best specs to convert files to for best playback on the unit? thanks!
  12. thats what i was thinking - it was some sort of filter. so is it needed? does it really make a difference?
  13. there is nothing inside it other than two metal pieces that the cord runs through!
  14. these are on everything minidisc. i've unclipped them and looked inside. i thought at first they were to shorten the cord, but I dont know. what are these things?
  15. I notice that when i put my mz-rh10 as loud as it can go, the tracks get distorted. this happens ANY way i get the media onto a minidisc. either sonic stage or recording from cd-MD. what do people do to avoid this?
  16. the main problem i'm having is when i try to make a mix via itunes. I use 3.5 optical out via macbook pro to my hi-md. it never notices track splits in iTunes!
  17. I love my MXD-D3. making minidisc's on it is amazing. But one aspect that it seems to struggle with is copying CDr's. has anyone else noticed this? it seems to play some better than others. does anyone have any ways around this? also does anyone recommend anything for making discs on this unit? maybe some better settings etc etc. thanks! Here's my current setup. NOTE: the speakers are from the Sony MJ-L1. found one in a thrift store in LA a few years back for $40. it was half working, fixed the cd player part but then the minidisc part never really worked. kept the speaker though!
  18. I have a MZ-RH10. if i was to record an album, it will notice the end of a song and start a new track right? it should do the same thing with optical too correct?
  19. casiokorg

    RH1vs 200

    What are the differences?
  20. OH...I found out the reason: "you can record only in HI-MD mode on this recorder. If you want to record in MD mode, connect recorder to a computer and record or transfer audio data using the supplied software"
  21. Everything works but the REC Mode, REC Level, and the Time Mark. Everything else I can edit in the menu. there has to be a reason for this. it doesnt seem tobe a mechanical issue at all. Someone must know why it's doing this. Thanks
  22. Hey everyone! I was given a Rh10. it works great and I'm enjoying it a lot, although whenever i try to go into the recording settings, it just tells me I cannot set any of them. i've tried to edit other areas, thinking it would unlock those features, but nothing works. am I doing something wrong? also, can i transfer songs via USB to a regular MD, or do i need to shell out $20 for a single HI-MD? thanks!
  23. Hey all, I recently got a beautiful Sony MJ-L1 at a goodwill. i first had to fix the CD player, and now its on to the minidisc. I REALLLY want this to be a fully functional unit, and the minidisc loader is shot. i took it out thinking i could find a replacement MD unit to slip into the older ones place. any suggestions on where i could find this part? im not sure what the part number is, but on the MD loader i removed, the number 2034112 is on it. there is another number 960522015. not sure if these numbers refer to the specific parts labeled, or the whole loader. thanks and hope i can get
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