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  1. I tried JSymphonic but not luck with that either.
  2. I'm out of luck, what are you a Sony loyalist? I'm sure I can get around it.
  3. Well half of the songs I try to load onto sonic stage won't work because there protected. What's a way around this.
  4. Real Player used to support Sony MD but I don't find that it works any more. Anyone know of other software to transfer my songs onto a MZ-S1 besides Sonic Stage or Net MD? Or a way to get Real Player to transfer the songs?
  5. Are there other programs I can use to transfer songs besides Sonic Stage? Thanks.
  6. I might have used "Real Player" to transfer the songs when I was using the R70 a lot, maybe that's why I never got the TR Protect message.
  7. I just want to shuffle the songs on the MZ-R70, no way to do this? I used the MZ-S1 for years with track protected songs and I was able to mode it, shuffle, etc. It never gave me the TC Protect warning. I'm getting the warning on both devices now, the R70 and the S1. Thanks for all of your help, besides this problem the R70 works great and I never would have gotten it running without your help.
  8. When I try to delete or change modes it says tc protect, any way to change that?
  9. Hi, Thanks. The MD recorded fine, appreciate your help. Do you mind if I ask you a question unrelated to the MD? Anyway I accidentally bought a pack of DVD-R's and my burner on my desktop says DVD+R. I'm using a program called "burn for free" but it won't take the DVD-R's. Any suggestions? I don't think I can return them, lost my receipt.
  10. One more question. Can I transfer music onto a disc using my MZ-S1 and than play it on my MZ-R70?
  11. so I need a different kind of disk? I didn't even know there were different kinds. Thanks.
  12. I found an old minidisc that plays in my Sony MZ-S1 but when I put the disk in the MZ-R70 there's no sound.
  13. I had one a long time ago and it is a great sound. Now i lost the minidisc that came with it and I don't have another one.
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