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  1. Thanks folks - no AGS from now on. Do you use some special mic stand for recording ?
  2. Howdy - few years back I bought MZ NHF800 recorder with Sony ECMMS907 mic - mostly for recording guitar lessons. Then it sat unused for some time. Recently I took it to the band practice and tried recording it. We practice in a small carpeted room - it is a country/latin/rock 5 piece band - electric but not super loud - we use unamplified congas instead drums. I used 1GB disc, set recording mode to Hi-SP (we play 3-4hrs), set recording level at automatic and set Mic AGC to "LoudMusic" . However I did not set Mic Sensitivity to "SensLow" (unless that is default value). Mic was placed on regular mic stand. Recording came out alright as far as frequency content and even overall mix of the band - I was able to transfer it to WAV, chop into smaller segments, EQ and compress them and add touch of reverb. But it also has a somewhat unsteady volume level that is periodically dropping. I am not sure if that is caused by incorrect combination of settings on recorder? somebody tapping foot very close to mic stand? faulty disc (it is 5-6 yrs old)? Should I add some kind of anti-shock mic holder? TIA - I would greatly appreciate any advice or pointers, JT
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