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  1. Yeah, I agree. I tried to record vinyl using LP2, but couldn't really listen to it (I find SP to be much better, and I'm looking forward to trying PCM). However, with a decent CD via optical in, LP2 really isn't all that bad (to my ears). I put a bunch of Christmas music on 2 MD's using LP2, and they more than suffice for me.
  2. So, while waiting for Santa to *hopefully* put an MZ-M200 under my tree, I recently recorded some vinyl with my trusty MZ-R700 in SP via the analog input. Sooooooo warm and full. I'm kind of glad my i**d died. Another interesting observation (that I'm sure others are all too familar with): I listened to some CD's I recorded via the optical out on my CD player to MD in LP2 mode (I used this a lot back in the day). I honestly love the sound. I hope Sony will at least keep making ONE MD unit for awhile.
  3. Thanks, Barock1 for the reply! I use a Mac, and I've been reading about some issues with the software. Guess I'll just have to play with it and see what works.
  4. Hi all! New to this forum, and really enjoying learning about one of my favorite formats! As my ipod recently bit the dust (and I've consequently lost a bunch of music I can never get back), I am determined to get back to physical media--and I have quite a few MD's, plus a bunch of sealed blanks. I have an old MZ-R700 (that I bought refurbished from crutchfield back in 2001) that still works, but I'd really like to have something new. From what I see, the MZM-200 is the only portable unit here in the U.S. My question for the group is: does anyone have experience recording vinyl on the MZM? This may be a dumb question, but is it possible to record in PCM via analog input? If not, in terms of pure quality (as opposed to quantity), what bitrate combination would you use? Thanks all!
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