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  1. I have two MZ B10 units. One I've used for a long time, and one bought new as spare some years ago and never used. When older unit had trouble reading a disk, I tried it in "New" unit and had same problem. I have a third working unit, and confirmed all discs tried were OK. A local authorized Sony repair shop said both optical sensor were bad, and no parts available. As one is brand new, I'm doubting technicians assessment. Question: 1) Can the optical reader be adjusted/ calibrated? 2) Where is a good place for repair in North America or UK? I'm replying to myself just to see where any replies will go to. I'm replying to myself just to see where any replies will go to.
  2. With all the fake (and lower quality) of Chinese made products to look like original in so many different products, does anyone know if this is happening with Sony minidiscs? Should I be wary buying from Hong Kong?
  3. I too have a similar problem. I record on an MZ B10, but bought an R 700 just recently to fix my TOC error. I posted last week with topic "Who's used an R 700 for TOC fix?" after reading this: guide/page__p__149449__hl__%2Bdisc+%2Btoc+%2Brepair__fromsearch__1#entry149449 My only suggestion for now is do nothing with disk until you have a fix in mind. Maybe we can work together to solve our mutual problems. Contact me at garygphotog@shaw.ca Gary
  4. I've just purchased a Sony R 700 to use to fix TOC error on a minidisk. And though I've read the procedure, there are a few simple questions I'd like to ask of someone whose actually done it. Not certain how to access replies to post, so PLEASE em me: garygphotog@shaw.ca Thanks Gary
  5. I have a minidiscs that shows "Read Error" and time remaining shows 20 minutes left, so I know data is not lost. This happened after I pressed "track mark'' and heard a single beep tone. Some time ago I read here of a Sony minidisc deck that could fool damaged disk and correct problem. I was in contact with Mark in England who wanted a $40 "donation" - too expensive for me. What model deck does this? Who else might fix disc for me. I'm not sure how to access response, so could you also send a reply to my e-m please? Talking on phone would be really helpful. Gary
  6. You sent me a "friends" message. I was trying to find someone who can do a TOC fix to a couple of minidiscs. Can you? Please reply to garygphotog@shaw.ca

  7. In a different city someone has a few Sony MZ B10's they will sell. The also have a few units (MZ B10's) where the record button won't stay down and will sell very cheap. I already have one of these units and know of some occasions where this happens. (if disc is "locked" , if "hold is activated or if disc is full). As seller is testing all at same time, I can only assume they're using same disc (unlocked), and assume they're turning "hold" off on all machines. Does anyone know any other reasons record button won't stay down? gary
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