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  1. We have a year-old PS3 slim. It's always been fine, no problems. We haven't watched a lot of Bluray disc on it, but we've watched a few. Recently, it's started acting up when we go to "scan" or "next" on a movie. For instance, tonight when I put in the Inception Bluray, it plays fine...but the second I try to skip through (using the "next" button on the PS3 remote), it starts to PREVIEW instead. And not only that, but it can't be stopped either...I have to restart the playback. After some checking, it looks like it happens when I press ANY button - pause included. Not really the best solution! I checked to make sure no updates had to be run, but apparently we're up-to-date. I'm wondering if it's the remote, but since I don't know how to play Blurays without the remote, I can't figure even that out. Any ideas???
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