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  1. ATRAC was a superb compression format in my opinion. By far the best I ever heard. I would go as far to say that Atrac at 132kbps (I believe that was LP) was superior to 320kbps MP3 on my NWZ-E455. It is a huge loss to me. Think of these geeks in the lab slaving away at improving it for years and then seeing it die forever. I think it should be made public, open-source. Sony have nothing to lose by doing that. I just don't like the MP3 players as much as minidisc either. Just recently an album disappeared from my player without warning. And I have a perfectly good minidisc player from 2002 but no software to support it. I suppose the old style players with the replacable batteries lasted too long. Now we will have to buy a new MP3 player every 2 years or so and in this way benefit the economy.
  2. I have a NetMD MZ-N510. I cannot get any of the stuff to work sadly (Windows 7). I had a look at MP3 players this week. None of them seem to be as good as old minidisc, even after all the time they've had. They all look sleek but battery life is appalling and sound quality questionable. What is the INF file as a matter of interest and where do we find it? I have hunudreds of .inf files on my PC Thanks Wilsy
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