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  1. Glad to say I have successfully installed and am happily using Sonic Stage ultimate in Windows 7 (64-bit) I didn't have any previous versions installed, and I had downloaded the Net MD 760 drivers as you suggested and it seemed to find them itself. Thanks guys!
  2. Sorry, but once I've downloaded the Net MD 760, what do I do with the files???? I'm doing this before I try the sonic stage itself. clueless here. thanks Tim PS What's UAC ?
  3. This is my personal computer at home, no one else uses it, I have obviously never been logged as anything other than administrator, but I still got the message about not being logged on as administrator! Tried to google it but haven't managed to solve it that way. Ok will try your suggestions and get back to you thank you. cheers Tim PS Stephen, just looked at the download files - obviously I will need the Sonic Stage ultimate 4.3, do I need to download and install all of the others too? Please advise. Thank you for your help and patience, I really need this software!!
  4. Hi there Just joined this forum. It's great to know I'm not alone in this problem. As a musician, I've had the invaluable use of a mini-disc recorder for a good 8-years now and was obviously delighted when Sony brought out the Hi-MD so I could transfer recordings (of my own practice and live performances as a musician) direct from there to my computer, and make CDs from it (to give to friends or for my own records etc). However, my old (Windows XP) computer has just failed on me, and I
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