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  1. Thanks for your help. I did all your recommendations: delete temporary files, delete the entry from SS database and re-add files (I always do this when modifying mp3 files) and delete all metadata in mp3 files but it still dosen't work. seems that when SS dosen't like an mp3, any new file I create re-encondig that file dosen't neither work. I tryed re-encoding and deleting metadata, deleting metadata and re-encoding and never worked. I don't kow what to do. I want to convert the mp3 files to atrac because some albums are gaples but SS doen't want to work properly. I don't know what to do.
  2. First of all, I want to say hello to everybody. I have some concerns using SonicStage. in a few words, SS doesn't convert some mp3 files to atrac format. it genreates a .oma file but when reproducing it there is no sound. I have anNW-A808 mp3 player and I am using SS 4.3 Ultimate Edition (downloaded from this forum) on Win7. when I transfer file with their original format there is no problem but when I try to convert it to atrac and then transfer, the SS converts the files but some of them haver no sound. everything is corrent on the mp3 player: cover, song info, song lenght but there is no sound. I have read that it's not possible to convert VBR files but this problem also apeared on some CBR mp3 files. for sure the only mp3 files converted correctly to atrac are CBR but some CBR mp3 files are not converted correctly. I tried to convert the VBR and bad-CBR files to CBR but it doesn't work. when the an mp3 was not converted correctly if I reencode the file it neither can be converted correctly. maybe I am doing something wrong. do you kenw why some files are not converted properly? which format must have the mp3 file to be converted correctly to atrac? thank you in advance.
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