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  1. I have 3 remotes from DMC-T55, S55 and S33 and they all work on any of those 3 machines. However, none of the remotes work with any of the 3 DMC-V55's that I own. I have seen

    infomation that indicated that the same remote is used on the T55, S55, S33 and V55 but couldn't find anyone that could confirm whether or not this is true. Can you confirm this?






  2. Stephen,

    It may be that the LIP-4WM protection circuit may be a bit confused. I've had protected LiOn cells do this when they think there has been a short circuit or the output

    voltage gets to low. Just charging the cell gets it back operating again. 

    I also bought a couple of those 350mah cells from the Ebay seller Jimma referenced and both of them were 350mah. Maybe I got lucky.

  3. I have tried the "burn out" methods, including both the short duration 12v application to the battery and using a dumb charger like  sony mz-r90/91 to charge. The battery does indeed get warm in the r91 during charging but didn't really fix anything.  I'm sure some internal resistance can be reduced by these methods in some batteries depending on the conditions that caused the high resistance but it's just never worked in any of the batteries that came with any of the MD's I've purchased and of course none of the HQRP batteries.  Anyway I'm pleased with the performance of the Sofirn NiMH's I'm currently using.

    Actually this post confused me. I didn't realize the OP was needing a replacement for the LIP-4WM. Should have looked at the topic closer.  I wish I could report a good source for the LIP-4WM but they just don't seem to be out there.  I keep thinking that some Chinese company will come out with a replacement but have not seen any yet, maybe someday.

  4. I tried the HQRP gumstick batteries and I never had any luck with them. They all had high self discharge characteristics and developed high internal resistance pretty quickly.  The only NH-14WM replacement I've used that wasn't high self discharge is the Sofirn 3000mah battery from China. Don't let the name fool you , it's no where near 3000mah. Its like 1200mah but will hold a charge. The Sofirn battery is all white in color and its still going after a year now. It's not as good as the original Sony pr Sharp gumsticks were but way better than any HQRP I've ever tried.

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  5. I usually manually clean away the bulk of the residue then use a q-tip moistened with wet baking soda. Baking soda will bring back a neutral ph. Make sure everything is dry before applying power afterward.

    Looking at the service manual for the NH900, the negative contact for the battery (back end of the battery compartment you mentioned) appears to be on the main PC board itself. If there is leakage on the main board you may have to disassemble the unit to clean and repair any damage. Good luck.

  6. I have received the factory MD and gone through the CD test, MO test and have gotten out of test mode. But CD and MO tests fail with some lazer alignment error if I don't pinch the hing area when doing the test. It passes if I pinch it and fails if I don't. Maybe I'll take it apart and maybe accidently correct some mechanical alignment issue during reassembly.

  7. If you are referring to the chargers themselves, just do a google search and select images to see a billion pics of any of these charger/analyzers.

    The full names are: Opus BT-C2000, Powerex MH-C9000 WizardOne and La Crosse BC-1000

    The links below are not the only places to get these (some have better prices) however I wouldn't get an Opus BT-C2000 anywhere else.




    If you are referring to my particular setup then here are some pics of that:

    One set of wires are connected to a AAA to AA cell adaptor with a wooden dowel representing the AAA cell inside the AA housing. The other wires are bare but can be placed at the ends of one of the AAA to AA adaptors when its put into the charger slot.



  8. Have:


    M200 (RH1) black


    EH70 black

    EH50 Blue

    NH3D Silver

    EH1 black

    NH1 Gold

    NH700 silver

    NF610 blue

    N707 black/red

    R91 blue

    R55 blue

    E520 silver

    E900 silver

    E60 blue


    DR77 silver

    MT770 blue

    MT877 silver

    SR75 champaign

    MT821 silver

    ST66 silver





    Never sold anything.

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