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  1. I have a spare BMW E46 headunit which is the MD53 unit which was a cost option on BMWs from the 90'S, The car has now gone and i wondered if there would be a market for this, ebay has none on !
  2. I agree i think the PCM test would be fairer, but with the costs of those units going skywards it makes no sense really. I got my MD units and discs when prices were low, but recently they seem to have gone through the roof. But given its the quality of the music that counts, i am impressed with the various lossless formats that are out there, i guess i just discounted the the hard drive / digital / mp3 type machines, until now.
  3. Well i never thought that the MP3 type player and downloads could compete with my MD units ..... until now ! I have just bought a used Iphone 3gs and although its a great phone come computer it appears to also a very good music player. I have my CD's loaded onto my MD's in SP, and one cd to each md, so the SQ is very good indeed, i listen to them via a Sony MD909 and an MZ1 and through some very expensive £200 headphones so i think i can pick out all the various subtle changeds in tone and the slight inclusion of some of the instruments that you can not often hear with the more compressed formats or through cheaper headphones. Well, as a test (since i have my Iphone anyways) i thought i would put one of my favourite cd's (Kate Bush - The Kick Inside) onto the Iphone and just see how it compared. Now i was not going to put it in MP3 as this would not be a fair test, so i loaded the cd into Itunes under the Apple Lossless format and even ticked the slower speed for when you think the cd's may have scratches on etc, i understand this gives maximum SQ. Well i have done a back to back test (with my ears anyways) and i can honestly say that the sound coming from the Iphone is just as good as the same album on one of my Sony ES MD's in SP..... It is that good, i was amazed. If i were pushed i would even be as bold to say it was slightly better, with a tad more bass and a deeper sound (but i may be wrong). Overall though i am really impressed. I will still keep MD because i just love it, and i want MD in my BMW (I already have the E46 MD53 unit which i will fit soon) but this simple test has really opened my eyes to what SQ you can get from other more easier to use machines.... or in this case phones !
  4. Just how much better (if any) is the 555 compared to the 50ES. And how much in uk pounds would a 50es cost ? Ta
  5. Cheers pal, will do that, did you use anything special to clean the door contact ?
  6. Playing a disc and after about 15-25 mins, it suddenly stopped and made one loud ''beep'' sound, then would not work for a bit, screen is all blank, after a min or so, i pressed play again and it started from where it had stopped ??? Any ideas ?
  7. Wow, i never thought there would be this many posts when i start it. I finally found a full sized unit to record my CD's on, i got the 640, should be just fine for what i want.
  8. I think the volume knob is universal from all the Business units, i thought it would fit all the E46 units, i did not think different country models would matter. I will post a picture up when i get it..... prices for these, brand new from BMW are close to £800 !!!
  9. I am still into Minidisc and like the SQ combined with the portability it offers, so i have been looking to replace my standard tape/radio headunit on my car for a while, but thought i would never find the MD53 unit that was an option with my car............ until Ebay that is.... and a cheeky £10 bid. Bloody won the thing, good nick with just a volume knob missing..... really chuffed to bits.
  10. Cheers pal, i think that is what i have done, because now there is a ..... quiet bit in the middle of a track !!! Cheers for the manual,
  11. Hi Guys, Just been playing my my MD unit and because i don't have a manual i think i may have '' wiped '' a bit of one of my MD's !!! I pressed the recessed button at the tip of the remote control (at the end of the volume/track bit of it), i suspect this may have set it to record ? Also on the MD's how do i protect them, i have seen a little plastic tab, should this be open or closed to prevent recording ? Ta guys, that will teach me to not touch before i know what the hell i am doing !!!!
  12. I am into Minidisc and post on a regular basis over the road, but i don't know who else to ask, its silver, mint, boxed and like new. Given it's capacity (ie not that much) is it worth anything these days or should i just put it back in the loft and wait a 100 years !!!
  13. .... what is EAC ? I am a bit old fashioned and tend to just pop my cd in the player and pres sync record and away i go....
  14. Cheers for that, i think i will stick with buying in the UK given the voltage side and the import side, the costs of the units makes it a little bit of overkill, now if your talking about the 50 or 555 ES decks then that is different. Cheers for the info.
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