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  1. Thanks everyone for the input. Hopefully soon I'll make time for an extensive testing session to see if I can identify a clearer pattern here.
  2. Hey Stephen thanks for the help and info. I think I'll have a good sort through all my discs and try to assess whether some are better than others. I'll also maybe assign each disk to a certain deck, just to avoid the problem that way also and I can configure my various systems so that I've no need to use the same disc on more than one deck.
  3. Grundig MDC65, Sony JE510 and JE780. You're right - I need to do some testing between decks. I just thought I'd see if it was something where people would say 'yeah that happens a lot' before I get into it more. What you say 'if you don't get the adjustment right' do you mean if Grundig/Sony didn't get it right, or do you mean something I might have done wrongt?
  4. Recorded on a Grundig deck and played back on two Sony decks (a 500 series and 700 series) and both Sony decks skipped. Other discs recorded on the Grundig played back OK on the Sony decks, so maybe it's a fault with certain discs.
  5. Hi everyone - long time MD user here but new to the forum I rarely have any problems with MD as I love the format, but lately I have noticed that discs recorded on one machine skip quite badly when played back on another. Is this something any of you have experienced before?
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