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  1. SONY A850 is a SLRS digital camera , and recently there is news said they have discountined. Foreign digital electronic retail online mall on B&H have listed A850 as shut-down commodities , and mark "has been producers, and no longer supply any morebuy electronics " . SONY A850 used 2460 million pixel sensor, carried with 3.0 inches, 92.16 million pixels LCD screen, range is from ISO200-1600 to 100-6,400. In addition, the aircraft fuselage size is 156 x 117 x 82mm, heavy 850gpc news.
  2. SONY DSC - TX10 is a 3D digital camera which used wide-angle card design and with 5 meters waterproof, 1.5 meters shockproof, dustproof and - 10 ℃ antifreeze four precautions function, it also support the panorama mode scanning which can shoot 3D static images and 3D scanning panorama mode with free shipping . As for the configuration , TX10 using SONY 162 million pixels Exmor R CMOS sensor,equipped with three inch touch LCD screen, can be shooting 3D static images and 3D scanning panorama mode, support 1080i HDTV video shoot, meanwhile, TX10 screen also can become 3 inch touch LCD laptop tips . SONY TX10 is the upgrade version of TX5, not only have fashionable appearance and 162 million pixels imaging capability, but also have the waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, antifreeze protection function, the shooting ability is very well .
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