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  1. STEPHEN! MY PROBLEM SOLVED~! Reformat my D drive.....and using sonic stage ultimate version =)
  2. yea....i will do it tmr~ once again....thanks for helping!
  3. Alright, thanks a lot for helping me!!
  4. stephen, uhmm....my firewall is all off....and i'm using kaspersky antivirus... YES, i'm running as administrator, i'm the only one who using this desktop. i moved all the songs to the other drive...uninstalled SS (and "OpenMG Secure Module")..... then reinstalled the "Ultimate Version" of Sonic Stage.....but it's still the same...nothing different
  5. yes,mostly is MP3 and some wma,ape,m4a... so, what should i do now is move all the songs to somewhere else that sonic stage will not touch?
  6. i got partition in my harddisc....C drive and D drive...the sonic stage is installed in C drive and if i move all the mp3 to D drive...is it consider as somewhere that sonic stage will not touch? thanks a lot for helping!!!
  7. hi everyone~ sorry for creating this topic since there is someone posted it, but i had read the comments/replies and my problem is still not yet fixed. My sonic stage 4.3 used to work very well on last few months....but now i cannot run this program. This is exactly my situation. I double-click the SonicStage shortcut, I get the following message: The selected music file cannot be played back because the system information has changed. Click OK to automatically close SonicStage and open the SonicStage System Information Restore Tool. (Error code 00004e2e) So, I click OK. Then I get small window telling me 'Step 1. Database authentication. SonicStage will authenticate your database on the internet'. Quite what constitutes 'authentic' I have no idea. After all, SonicStage is freely available; it's not something you would steal or 'crack'. It's just something you get supplied on a CD with your player, and can update to the latest version on the net (which is what I did). Anyway, fine, so I click the 'Next' tab as instructed. Then for less than one second, the word 'Authenticating...' is displayed, until suddenly another even smaller window opens, with the words 'SonicStage System Restore Tool' along the top bar, no writing in it, just a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it, and an OK tab. So I click OK, and nothing happens. I'm just left with the original little 'Database authentication' window and the Next tab. And so it goes on. I can't open it, I can't authenticate it. Reinstalling hasn't helped.
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