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  1. Hi Stephen, Well, if you are tempted to give it a go, I would be more than happy to send it over to you to see what you can do with it!? I would be highly appreciative. Which side of the world are you on? If you are willing, please let me know your address - my email is jamesaeaton AT yahoo.co.uk otherwise, how can I get hold of Jim Hoggarth if you are unable to attempt retrieving the data? Many thanks once again James
  2. Many thanks for the instructive replies, it is greatly appreciated. I will see if I can get hold of another HiMD player, I know someone who has one, just means I'll have to post the disc to them etc. If anybody is on here and reading this and thinks they can fix the disc, or download the content I would be more than willing to pay a fee for this. Indeed I have found the NH700 to be excellent and never has it faulted in all the years I've used it - which is why I have been so late moving across to a SD card recorder. Regards, James
  3. Nope, I can't see anything in windows when I connect the MD... James
  4. Many thanks for the swift replies, much appreciated. It is a 1GB HiMD disc that I was using. I had been using it all day and for the previous two years without any problems at all. Since that happened I have tried using other discs, just standard MD discs without any problems at all, both reading and writing. (I only have 1 HiMD disc) I have tried the damaged disc since I did this and the same problem occurs unfortunately - It can't read the disc, listing the same 'format disc error', depsite other discs working fine. Any suggestions as to how to get it to work, or anywhere I can get it repaired? I contacted Sony US but they do not offer a repair service for MD any more :-( Thanks James
  5. Hi, On a recent trip Indonesia I encountered a problem - after taking over 80 sound recordings (many of them of real value and importance to me) my Sony Hi-MD MZ-NH700 stopped working, showing 'format disc error' despite working perfectly normally just 5 minutes previously. I have used the minidisc in such conditions for several years and never encountered any problem before or since. Could anybody please point me in the direction of help or offer any advise on what can be done to retrieve the data saved on the minidisc as it really would be soul-destroying if I have lost all the recordings I had made! I should add that I have tried the disc in other players without success and the player itself is working fine with other discs. I have not re-formatted the disc. Many, many thanks in advance, James
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