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  1. As I was going to record in real time would this work on a pc? I'm not familiar with how to record songs any other way- I just was going to play the film and press start recording at beginning of song hence the use of dvd players.
  2. Thanks for that sfbp, I'll start with a cheapie philips I've got knocking around, then an old pioneer, the two that I've tried have been panasonic dvd recorders, then I'll look for besweet. Ta.
  3. Hi all, I've got various MD, portable and standalone units. I've tried various times to record sound off a DVD (extract songs from a film) but have failed. I first tried it direct, then through a Yamaha Surround receiver that has optical out dedicated to MD. One theory put forward was that the sound was not compatible straight from the DVD to MD, which is why I went via the receiver, as it has dedicated optical outputs, another is this serial copy management system. Well with this, does it mean that if I use a burnt copy of a film then it knows that it's a copy? Would an original not give problems? I suppose what I'm asking is: Can a digital extraction of music from a DVD be made to MD? Also, from an audiophile point of view is it that noticeable over analogue? I have a Quad 909/99 system driving Spendor A6 speakers, and this system, I've been assured, exposes weaknesses in the source material. Regards to all.
  4. Thanks, I had sort of come to that understanding, now if you had a boiler faulty, I'd be your man..... now how do I get in touch with Jim?
  5. Thanks fgor that speedy reply Jim, I did tap on the disc which is indeed stuck inside but to no avail. I noticed that the disc alu sleeve was pulled back like it was going to be read, but the disc is not spinning, that I can tell. I'm sure I first saw a c13 code, but now there is no display, the machine doesn't even turn on the display although there is something going on with the drive mech. I did notice the flap at the back of the top of the drive, is this a manual eject assist? How do I do it otherwise? and is the display meant to be off? Thanks. Julian.
  6. Hi there, I'm a newb to this forum but veteran minidisc user. I was given an MDS-JB940 along with a 120 odd Radio 4 plays and concerts on disc which I look forward to getting through. When I first fired up the machine, I could insert a blank disc but it wouldn't play, then it wouldn't eject, and now all I get is the power LED (little red light) and nothing else, Won't even turn on. I opened up the case and found a constant whirring sound from transport mech like it was trying to do something. Obvious questions come to mind: anything I should look for? On Ebay I've seen an engineer's manual and drive belts quite reasonable £4, £8. respectively, should I invest in these? I have also bought an MDS-JB980 (waiting for it, and am looking to bid on another 940 to use or have spares of but these are currently going for aropund £140 I have also two MZ-N510 portables and recently bought an MZ-RH1 for son's drumming recording, and of course music appreciation on my system. Keep banging the minidisc v ipod drum!
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