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  1. Hi all, Just to add to the list - I've now got my CMT-M333NT accessible through this version of SonicStage using: Win 10 the original Sony USB cable Net MD 64bit drivers found in the Downloads section As I hadn't read things through thoroughly first, I installed SonicStage first with no luck. I had to follow the steps spelled out in the other post (restarting with the ability to load Unsigned Drivers) to load the Drivers afterwards, but it all worked perfectly. Now I just need to find someone with a MZ-RH1 so that I can Sync my old SP MD's back to PC so they're not lost! Shame there's no Audio Out (other than using the headphone jack) on the CMT-M333NT (& such unusual speaker connections) - otherwise I could hook it into my Sonos Connect and blast old MD's through all the house. Thanks to everyone involved in keeping this thread and the various pieces of software running!
  2. Ah ok - are both short & long play recorded discs encrypted? I assumed the block was to prevent sharing - kinda shot themselves in the foot in the battle against CD burners though! Thanks for your help, looks like I'll have to go back to step one for uploading the discs.
  3. Thanks for the update. Just to clarify, with the MZ-RH1 is it possible to move tracks / MDs recorded via other stereos to your PC or only files recorded on that MZ-RH1 via a plugged in microphone?
  4. Ahhhhhh - guess that's kinda important .......... I have the CD that came with the player at home so will have a look to see which version it is when I'm back. I'm amazed that no-one has come up with a workaround yet - even if it's a less "Sony Authorised" approach. I'm not a programmer but the fact that the PC and stereo can talk to each other and that the PC can "see" the MD drive would make me think something could be done to bypass the Sony imposed blocks either in SonicStage or via some other 3rd party application. I'll get back to you with more information soon (let me know what driver info you need). bgm
  5. Hi all, I think my question will possibly bring this brilliant thread almost full circle......I also have a CMT-M333NT thoughI'm trying to use it to transfer my backlog of meticulously created "Mix MD's" to my computer running Win7, 64 bit (SP1). Having the benefit of everyone's previous hard work in this thread, I've successfully installed SonicStage 4.3 Ultimate, release 2 () and updated the USB driver to NetMD 760 () via Device Manager. When I now turn on the micro Hi-Fi, plug in the USB and press NET MD I have the following three entries in my Devices and Printers: Net MD Sony USB COMM USB Audio CODEC In Device Manager under Universal Serial Bus Controllers, I see two copies of Net MD. I then open SonicStage and go to the Transfer Screen (my drop down list includes two NET MD versions). With My Library on the left and Net MD on the right, all disc information appears - Disc Name, Free Time, track Titles / Length / Recording Mode (Stereo). So far perfect! I then highlight all the tracks on this right side of the screen and click Transfer to my Librar (either via right clicking and choosing from the list or by clicking the required arrow in the middle). From this I get the error message: Error Report An error occurred while transferring. Unable to transfer the following tracks to My Library because they are recorded by Net MD or another computer. It then lists all of the tracks - this error is the same if it's one or 15 tracks I'm trying to transfer. The MD is not recorded in long play but the error doesn't appear to be due to a time out as it pops up almost immediately. Through SonicStage though I can click to play the MD and have full functionality (i.e. play, stop, skip). I can also play sounds from my PC back through the stereo (MP3's, YouTube etc). Is there something I'm doing wrong? Can anyone suggest a fix? Does this function require the PCLink (& therefore WinXP via virtual machine)? Can it all be due to the fact that the MD's were created using a different player? Thanks for any help you can offer. Regards, BGM
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