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  1. Thanks guys... Well, I've got to be pleased with that. I guess a lot of these became paperweights a long time ago hence the great price. That was fun to watch. Time for its new owner to enjoy it.
  2. Thanks Sergio, I used an original Sony image for the main listing picture because it stood out, the rest are actually my own photos but I'll keep that in mind. I would be happy with the current figure but if it goes for more it will certainly help out a poor student living on a tight budget.
  3. Well, there seems to be a fair bit of interest in this. I have 30 watchers, 6 bids at a figure I wouldn't complain about and there is yet 2 hours to go!
  4. Thanks Azureal, yes, its amazing the difference a HTML template can make... it also completely removes ebay fees for additional photos.
  5. No, the figure quoted on the Sony Instructions/Spec sheet (supplied with the player) for SP1 is listed as 23 hrs under JEITA test conditions. Playback tested on my unit was timed at 17.3 hrs which is around 75% of the Sony figure... if... they also tested at as high as 85% volume. (Cant find any info) 10 Day listing now started... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110973648761 Thanks all.
  6. I've been testing the battery over the last day tallying up how many times the unit was able to play a 1hour 15 min compilation (SP1) , I decided that 85% Volume was more of a typical day to day level and by my calculations the battery life is at 74% at that volume level. I was hoping it would be better but I suppose its actually pretty good when you consider its age. Listing to follow shortly.
  7. Thanks Sergio, that sounds more realistic. Before seeing that listing I was thinking that if I got around £90 I'd be doing well. Thanks Azureal, I really apreciate the advice, thats very helpful. I know the photos are aweful, I'll try and find a better camera that can do decent macros. I haven't actually tested the battery life but was thinking that it would be very good considering how little use its had but it sounds like its more of a battery ingredients shelf life factor rather than the number of cycles through it. Would a full charge and timed continuous play with 75% volume be an accurate/fair test? I was thinking of starting the bidding at £60 plus postage on a 5 day listing. I'll post the Ebay link up so that you can see how I got on. Regards, Ari
  8. Thanks, the only for sale thread I can see see in the search you suggested is this one- ... and it sold for $660 !!! Thats insane!... surely that cant be right... a fluke or are they really that sought after?
  9. Hi, I have a beautiful little Sony Mz-E10 MD player,10th anniversary model, inc earphones, accesories, to sell on eba,y but cant see any completed listings to roughly gauge the value so Im guessing it must be quite rare? It has the origonalbox and even original receipt It is in excellent condition other than a faint thin black line of ink (from the printing?)that has run up the grain under the laquer (There since new- see pic). It has oo scratches Its been sitting at the back of my cupboard for years and has only ever been used about 4-5 times (8 hours absolute max) for a short lived jogging/fitness drive so the battery is still in superb condition. More pics to follow. Any ideas at what I should start the bidding at? Thanks, Ari
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