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  1. I have a question. Is there a minidisc player only, not recorder, that supports discs that are recorded in MDLP? The reason I ask, my friend works in a place where you can have a radio or other music device while you work (even a cassette tape player), but not a device that connects to a computer in any way. So, no MP3 players, no cell phones, no CD players (recordable CDs). I thought a minidisc player would be perfect, but the two players I have, one is a NetMD with a USB port, and the player only model I have does not support MDLP so the discs don't hold a lot of music that is needed to get through an eight hour day. I've been searching online for a couple months, off and on, and the only player only devices I've found don't read MDLP discs. Anyone have any suggestions on a model that fits my needs? Thanks so much.
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