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  1. This just in! even version 3.1 telling me the same thing. It wants to re-format my Hd-5. I have no idea what version I had before I just know I downloaded in 2011 and I don't know what version was out at that time. wait a minute. I just installed 3.1 on a different pc with windows xp and its giving me no problems except for the usual authentication required prompt, but since the sony connect store is down I cant authenticate that pc, meaning that's useless.
  2. No it wont even load the contents of my Hd5 on the sonicstage program Im using the latest release from here. 4.3 ultimate release. I can't risk deleting my music. So I have no choice but to install the original sonicstage that came with my Hd5 version 3.1. When I put the music on my device I had to get my pc and the device authenticated by Sony. That's why I can't risk deleting everything.
  3. I am not able to transfer tracks to my Hd-5 I get this message on the right side of the program: Important! In order to proceed your device must be reformatted your device contains tracks that where transferred using a previous version of sonicstage.....etc it wants me to delete all my tracks. I refuse to do that. Should I just install sonicstage from the original disc? or is there some kind of easy fix for this? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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