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  1. Hello, I've seen few models on Ebay for reasonable priced and I was thinking Is sony MXD-D3 model worth buying? or its just better to have separate MD deck and CD player. I don't think MXD-D3 model support MDLP.
  2. Hey, Thank You for all info. I just saw on ebay JE700 for reasonable price, no idea if its a good model. Anyway Im not an expert in MD details. Could You explain me why type S is more important than type R? is it a big difference in audio quality? thnx
  3. I was wondering, if You"re copying CD audio via SonicStage to MD on SP mode, is any difference in audio quality? (dynamic range, bit rate etc..) vs CD player-MD deck SP mode?. For example inf You record CD from PC via simple burner direct to portable player, it would be the same audio quality like recording MD via CD player-MD deck?
  4. oh thank You for info. Im using MDS-JE510 and as far I can see now 510 is far inferior to 440, 480..models. Im looking for new model, not really happy with JE510, constant problems with loading discs...The JB series are pretty pricy, maybe I will stick with JE, any recommendations? thnx
  5. Thank You all for Info and one more thing, it looks like all models JE series don't support MDLP am I right? thnx
  6. I was wondering, which models Sony MDS-JE decks series, record in MDLP mode?. I think all models up to MDS-JE520 don't have this record option. Im using MDS-JE510 ,but looking for any model which support LP2,LP4, Thnx
  7. hello, thank You for answer , the problem is, when the recorder is put in record mode the overhead goes down half-way only, and during the recording process it doesn't touch the top surface of the disc. I was wondering if loosing a small screw, which secure overhead to mechanism, whould help adjust overhead position or maybe nagging down.. .The overhead goes down in record mode but never goes down enough so it can contact the disc. thnx
  8. Hello my minidisc deck seems to fail recording discs, so I took of the cover and noticed that during the recording process minidisc overhead doesn't actually touch the surface of the disc (it is positioned far from the disc) Im wondering it this would be the case?. I'm assuming that overhead should slightly touch the top of the disc surface, am I right? If so is there any trick to correct overhead position? MD player seems to record the disc but after finish the recording process, disc is still blank. if anyone knows how overhead should be positioned during recording and how to correct it, thank You for any help
  9. thnx, I'll try to opened and check what makes that noise
  10. Hello there Everyone, I have a problem with loading and ejecting discs on MDS-JE510,when I was trying to insert disc,deck pulled the disc and started makes lound mechanical noise, I tried to eject it but every time player makes the same noise and the disc is stucked in player. I think it's a problem with loading part, anyone knows how to fix that?.the player reads disc and shows all tracks, it even "plays" disc with no sound though. Thnx for any help
  11. Thnx, I've just ask at repair service, how much it would cost to repair, they've said 75 dol plus cost of the parts, they don't repair decks older than 8yrs, mine was made in 1998 so is a junk, I will sell it for parts. Thnx for help anyway
  12. hey, i have pics of my writing head, does it help? how can i upload them?
  13. Re:blecrab I had to press StOP button after finish recording cd>md because md was still recording, even that cd player stopped.
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