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  1. And mas mahal yun A800 dito compared to S706 sa pinaas
  2. Why not get the A800 series instead? JNCA Because they say that s706 has better sound... Though imhavin second thought because of NC. If the Nc Headphone broke it may cost too much and they might not have it anymore... Pinoy ka Dude?
  3. >>>>>>>>Hey guys i just want to if it is advisable to buy an Nw-s706 for 260u.s dollars? i believe that this unit is becoming rare now. are the bundled n.c earphones with this unit is also covered by warranty? thankssss
  4. Ascariss Did you bought your 818 at sonystyle usa?
  5. NWS706 compared to NWa800/a818 in Sound quality 1>>>>>>>>>>>>>Does anybody know what's d Signal to noise ratio of NWs706. Does it sound better than the A808/818. 2>>>>>>>>>>>>>Iv been reading alot of review and forum that says s706 has more bass and better soundstage. I dont have any of these units so maybe some of you guys have and may actually tell the real diffrence. Some even say that the s703,705,706 wil not tire your ear in say few hours of listening like the apple daps. I also read smewer in this forum that the signal to noise ratio of B100 is higher than that of 706...is this true. Hope you guys can shed light to this questions, this is the best place to get them.....thanx ps. canada still sell Nws706? WHAT YOU THINK, ATRAC WILL BE BACK WITH VENGEANCE,,, IT'S LURKING IN THE NEW SONY DAPS THAT ARE COMING IN THE MARKET.
  6. Too bad i was planing to get the 808 because of atrac... How did it cost you for that order? 1.>>>>>>>>>>>Anybody here knows whats the Signal to noise ratio of nw-s706 noise canceling walkman.Does it sell in canada ascariss. 2>>>>>>>>>>>>Some say that it has better sound that doesnt tire your ears, say about few hours of listening... Iv been searching for all the forum and reviews i can find but i guess those who have both players can actually compare and be more believable... thanx
  7. Is't 808 or 818 selling in canada and how's the pricing there, i mean like in COstco or walmart
  8. I may try to ask them if they make deliveries overseas and if so how much would it cost. Anyway i know that this has been posted before, but is there any diffrence between the sound quality of 808 and 818. I believe that atrac format has still the best quality and compresion compared to acc.that;s why i still want the 808 reather than the 818, but maybe when they release the 818 they added something to it like a chip or something to make it better. do any of you guys got their hand on any of the 808,818, and s706nc units. Does all the sound diffrence they have is just from their earphones. And why can't sony up their walkman's SNR,. their 808,818 has 94db while some creative's dap has 96, not that this is the only thing that makes a plyer sound good but this definitely is one significant factor.
  9. I recently research about the sound quality of the nwza8xx walkman and all that's been said about it is that it has superior sound than any other mp3 player today... Specially among the top selling brand in the pass. But i cannot just imagine how high the prices of this walkman is done in the Phil.. Can u imagine 100$ 2 gb in U.S is sold here for about 250 that wud be 13000php in here. And the Nano3 8 gb is being sold for only 215$. Is sony serious about their prospective consumer. Sales of ipod is not merely affected by their marketing, but is mostly so by their availability in most countries with almost similar price. Not to mention the walkman being sold here is the 800's not the 810's. Iv been to almost all the malls here in manila and i couldnt any sony store that sell most walkman. But the apple is everywhere. Even if i want to buy sony, i cant because they don't have it here, i found a few but with unimaginable prices...
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