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  1. It's very unstable in Windows Vista, unusable at last. Compatibility modes seems to do nothing.
  2. You cannot drag and drop outside files in the program. use the right panel to navigate at yours mp3 folders and drag and drop .mp3 files in that right panel to left panel but drop just up in the folder.
  3. Here too crashes a lot in Vista.. running perfect in XP You sould: 1. create a folder in the program - will appear in the list; 2. drag and drop mp3 files into that folder - will appear as subfiles in that folder but shadowed; 3. Click on UPLOAD! button
  4. Just reporting for future owners my NW-S203F works PERFECT with VoidMP3FM ! I'm running with WINE on OpenSUSE and everything OK ! Thanks the author for this superb program !
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