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    2 x MZ-RH1s, MZ-NH900, MZ-R700, MZ-R90, Technics MD Deck
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  1. Thank You for your replies to zzzuppp and Sonic Fields- sorry for my delay in replying, been away. Very useful replies and information thanks. I wont be trying to fix the oled display myself , ha! I think I am ok as I am at the moment I am recording onto my MZ-RH1 from a Sony Cassette Pro Walkman live Sony UX Pro cassette recordings. Some of the cassettes are more than 30yrs old but are like new & my old Pro Walkman is (as new) working fine, not been used a lot really. I use a HQ Russ Andrews lead to connect the units. i find SonicStage is brilliant & so glad I've been able to load it onto 3 W10 PCs at home. Last night I did more recording onto the RH1 with no display, just set the tape going & slid the record button on on the RH1, Result sounds great, stereo ok, and when I put the Hi-MD Disc into the other RH1 with feint OLED, it shows Hi-MD PCM. I have obviously just allowed the RH1 to use its own auto Recording level. These transfers from Cassette to Hi-MD are for preservation in digital format.....Its also great to put Track Marks on the Hi-MD Disc for the different Songs/Items. I can listen to them on mini Disc machines & on Computer without wearing out the cassette player and I am saving the Master Recording which is on tape. I will be having a look at the PC Program- Reaper, looks interesting! I had not heard of it. I think I can save in WAV Format for general use any music files I put in the SonicStage Library. I have a lot to learn! Cheers to all from John.
  2. I have two (as new) MZ-RH1 Machines. This is my first contribution to this Great Forum!. I have an OLED Display working but dim on one of my MZ-RH1s, the other has NO Display-Blank oled failed. I have recorded from cassette tape using my hi quality analogue lead to my (No oled Display) MZ-RH1 onto Hi-MD Disc. When I check the Hi MD Recording "Properties" by right clicking the track in SonicStage I find the recording is PCM and 1411 bits etc. I have only ever recorded on both my MZ-RH1s set to and using PCM. My Question please:- i know I cannot use the recording level display on a non display failed MZ-RH1, but are these recordings fine and ok up to PCM Specification? In other words am I Ok to use the MZ-RH1 for recording without oled display, assuming it is already set up for the best quality PCM? Hope this question makes sense. I am grateful for any advice.....I have basically dug out my 5 Sony MD Players that have been packed away (but cherished) since the early 1990s. I have just this last couple of weeks downloaded successfully the necessary up to date Sony Software. Thanks From John
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