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  1. I have to take my words back, ipod touch is not expensive...after seeing screen resolution,8GB,wifi and gui -infact I am going to buy one !!!! I 100% accept that sony's time is up. Do you think sony can ever make a product like ipod touch at that price point. I feel apple surely has heart to make people happy apart from making profits, but on the other hand sony's only motive is to make money. new iphone pricing is incredible, I am planning to buy that too, may be in future. Yesterday in a TV show here in japan, I saw walkman market share to be 27 % and ipod to be 47%, I think sony's share will shrink to less than 2% within this year. In an open letter, steve jobs has reacted to iphone early adapters cry by giving them 100$ discount, and here sony wont say anything if our old a808s would get a firmware upgrade for drag-and-drop. yet another example of cold-blodedness. I dont think sony will make such a product(ipod touch), if they can they will split the funtionality in to five products and expect ppl to buy it. For ex SE cybershot and walkman phones are good, but they are 2 different products, look at nokia N95, how generous they are to put 5 megapixel camera,gps , large lcd, good music player in one....I feel any company shd have atleast a fair amount of consideration to make ppl happy. VAIO as such does not have any international warranty, if I buy in Japan it wont be supported in India, though they sell vaio in india. And if I buy in india it wont be supported in japan. All this torture after paying atleast 100% more than dell and hp. I shuttle between these 2 places, what shd I do. Sony support ppl told me warranty will be void if I change the windows xp to other OS, but strangely the system came with windows-vista capable sticker on it. what do they mean by that, "system is windows-vista capable, but you should not change the OS" ? There is this 'international model' concept in japan for foreign buyers called 'sony overseas japan' which charges ppl royally for just having english menu on their gadgets, some times price difference btw this and japanese models will be around 50%. Once you go back to India, u realize that their support is not 24X7 Sony, for all these flaws, I strongly feel "YOUR TIME IS UP"
  2. Ascariss, will there be any new wide-screen walkman before christmas, or is there any other video walkman coming ? new ipods either look ugly, too old style(aptly named classic), or expensive(touch)....apple shot themselves.....
  3. wow very exciting stuff.....finally something that screams "it is a sony" the real walk-man of the 21st century, well dance-man actually!
  4. I dont think these stuff will do any wonder for sony's market. Sep 5 next gen ipods will be anounced, and again sony walkman is going to look like one generation behind apple. I feel next gen ipod is nothing but iphone-without-phone, i.e touch screen wifi etc. I have a slim hope on 3 things, 1. I still believe some thing will come out of "sony changes everything" and there will be some meaning for that "this scene looks so silly" caption below the a8xx-spiderman image. 2. rolly 3.s7xx is missing everywhere, such a solid stuff. I am sure these daps are not doing any favor to real sony's capability in multimedia.
  5. is this the rolly ? http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~marekm/projects/roillo/ also watch, http://beatbots.org/
  6. http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stores...552921665058449 from this can we fairly assume s7 or 2nd gen s7 will be introduced soon(around sep10) ?
  7. there is no s7xx or s6xx on japan sonystyle, has it been discontinued too ? http://www.jp.sonystyle.com/Walkman/Product/index.html I dont understand how on earth somebody can kill A8 and s7, the best daps ever made
  8. entire surface is a display(oled) no audio jack(only bluetooth) no usb(only bluetooth) shake control press control too dances to the tunes.....that is rolly.
  9. I think admin team has put on hold the info so that it does not get sidelined by iphone hype. probably they will announce one or two weeks from now. There is a huge expectation, let us see how it turns out to be. Apart from h/w I am expecting lot on s/w front too.
  10. I got hands-on with non-working model put up in yodobashi shinjuku(popular gadget shop in japan). player feels awesome, simply drop-dead gorgeous....!! form factor and material used are very good............ I am afraid I may be tempted to buy one.......
  11. DSJ, well said abt sony sq.... and thats why I say,
  12. Kurisu-san, having walkman logo on the left side corner of the atraclife logo in the front page will be good , I guess. I guess "products" also shd figure in "home :about :forums :downloads:" tab in the front page. In the products, we can have small write-up for each product with pointers to galleries and user review. Sonystyle does not provide cool gallery. wat say ?
  13. Zizone, I dont visit engadget or gizmodo any more. the way they report gadgets makes me feel none of those ppl have any common sense..... when sony introduced s7, some fool at gizmodo writes..."sony says this will cut 25% noise, I feel 25% noise can be cut by just putting the earphones on...." what do you feel after reading such ignorant writer.....? and there were enough comments on this......i felt like among pack of stray dogs.....!! (product page clearly said it will cut 75% noise....) actually legal action against these ppl are possible for analyzing a product with incorrect information. and sony wont do that as they are already having a bad pr management. Those engadget/gizmodo idiots are having fun teasing sony because there is no website to represent sony's fanatic fan base....it is again sony's mistake they did not support any community for long time. Sometimes I feel sony shd go thru that, just check how many problems still ppl report on sonicstage.If somebody cant load music on to their music player with this software......then wtf ? you cant have easy ride on ppl's hard earned money.....!!
  14. My deepest condolences....Hope such things never happen to anyone/any where. I wud like to quote a very popular saying from my place........."All the world is my world, all humanity is my fraternity” simple stuff, but can alleviate all hatred from earth.
  15. lindijones, Sony has the wide range of mp3 players and innovative s7(noise cancel) in their list. Add amazing sound quality and great battery life to that..... bravias are selling well, sony ericsson is doing brisk business... ps3 is doing as much as sony expects(sony will increse marketing as soon as they can solve supply problem ). blu-ray is leading the hi def war. please tell me what is joke about all this.......... [if you talk abt ps3 delay problems....well thats how it is when you work on cutting edge stuff. If you dont research and do just integration.....the world wud have been same boring thing. you know how gaming industry was before sony came ?] sonicstage 4.x version is decent enough. I am better with drag-and-drop, I dont like iTunes or sonicstage. listening to ipod after spending some time with s7(noise cancel) is just IMPOSSIBLE. So, what the heck is it with ipod/itunes.... dont believe media, the media has enough fools who are afraid of writing anything on their own.....so its like somebody says xyz company is cool.....and every tom dick and harry in the media starts writing the same. if s7 happened to have come from the so called cool-company, media wud go gaga ....everybody will write in length abt what a cool and great idea it is. since it is from sony, they take it for granted. Sony's problem is more with their pr management..... media criticized/criticizes sony for pricing ps3 at 600 $, yet nobody talked a word when iphone was announced for same price. everybody I know who bought ipod shuffle is suffering to select the songs(without the display). yet media says it is innovative.....hhhmmmm there is a difference between innovation and non-sense...If not for the marketing, ipod shuffle shd have been the joke.... joke of the century...... well biggest joke in the history......
  16. According to previously credible sources, Sony is readying a video walkman which can play mini blu-ray discs. Each mini blu-ray disc can hold 20GB........... Just kidding..............!! get ready, just one more day to see the first video walkman. This may not be our expected stuff.....still it may throw some light on upcoming real video walkman.
  17. stuge is right, any usb cable will work. USB protocol itself supports powering the device apart from data transfer. have fun
  18. I think the proper way of testing is by converting from audio cd to atrac and same audio cd to mp3. if you convert from one compressed format to another, the later is going to suffer. In your case, the atrac is from mp3. the resulting atrac quality will not be the same as getting atrac direct from audio cd(or any uncompressed source). Mp3 is a lossy format, so by no chance resulting atrac can have any better sound. Pls correct me if I am wrong.
  19. All, Nws706 receives "Best of the year 2006: product award" for mp3 category from japan's most popular online shopping site kakaku http://kakaku.com/productaward/2006/pc-11.html User rating in the same site puts nws706 ahead of ipod nano. nws706: rating 4.5/5, no of reviewers : 89 ipod nano 8GB: rating 4.1/5, no of reviewers : 45 s706 http://kakaku.com/item/01307211771/ ipod nano 8GB http://kakaku.com/item/01309511764/ but ipod still occupies the first 2 places for the most popular player, s706 in 3rd place. not bad though http://kakaku.com/ranking/itemview/mp3.htm all links are in japanese. Neither I understand much japanese, but I guess my understandings are right(95% confident ).
  20. I think any standard usb cable will work.
  21. dsp, just check my feedback abt s703 in your post "s703 is better than sony thinks" meanwhile, there shd be no problem if you write abt competitor's product, I guess. competition improves quality.
  22. after listening to s703, I cant imagine listening with anyother music player....(i am not talking abt u/i). the sound quality is just mind-boggling,....I have never heard of anything like this before... I could see astonishment in all my friend's eyes who tried my s703. this is the best thing I ever bought with my money. this cnet user opinion sums it up very well. http://reviews.cnet.com/Sony_Noise_Canceli...6&tag=uolst Sony, You can use this for your ad program. Can you imagine your automobile without suspension(shock observer) ? If not, then why do you want to live without noise-cancelling on your music player ?
  23. Bastib, competing with nano is good but sony is yet to learn some fundamentals. though s7 is a great product, the u/i is real crap. i wonder if it is designed for human beings or not. the menu button is in unusable position and that awful throttle button.....I hate it. If I want to change the album or song, i have to go thru lot of painful switching. before I get to main menu my fingers shd go thru lot of gymanistics...... this is just not only for walkman but also with sony ericsson. w880 looks awesome, but the control buttons look terrible..... still hoping on video walkman but if u/i is terrible.....it is not for me....
  24. Guru(kurisu-san), ok forget this announcement, pls tell us is there any hdd video walkman in the pipe ? no details needed, just yes or no would do. please tell us, atleast interms of percentage, how much will it stand up to the expectations.
  25. I will buy one if sony introduces 100GB video walkman, else i will stick to walkman s703.
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