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  1. yeah, just copy the nano, put sony and walkman on it .......and you will get the great sony invention......
  2. I think sony is becoming more of a research company, just research and dont bother abt products. I wonder if anybody working with sony(particularly for walkman) has atleast 0.1% of passion we have here at this forum. bastib, this announcement makes me think "walkman will fall again"
  3. I am diappointed. we were expecting something innovative....what is the fun in bringing 2 year old nano design to walkman. 8 to 10 hours of video playback means the screen will be oled.....which means ppl are going to complain unable to see in sunlight(if it is going to have same shiny surface as a3000). pls expect a bad press on this too. It wont be a shadow in the next gen ipod, it will be a shadow on 2 year old ipod nano.....
  4. BastiB, that is really exciting. but same copies can be used on competitors device too, right ? Ishi/kurisu, pls wake up and update us with the info you promised.
  5. ascariss, very nice of you to give info on storage. kurisu-san, thanks a ton, suddenly saturday seems to be far from now. BastiB, I am liking the concept of blu-ray coming with free portable version in it. it will work in favor of making blu-ray popular and will give push for walkman and psp platforms. your signature "the walkman will rise again" is very catchy.
  6. My some more predictions are .... video walkman may have terrestrial analog tv receiver built-in digital tv tuners might be available as accesory(all standards jap,korean...).The walkman will have a slot for this. cable TV tuner location free TV support recording facility for all the above dolby/dts support quite a wishlist....!! oh, is it
  7. the player supports playlists, you can import playlist from sonicstage.using this playlist will solve your problem of copying the same song under multiple folders. on-the-go editing of playlist with the player may not be possible, I am not sure.
  8. Ascariss, when did you become a moderator ?
  9. looking at the sony's interest in oled tv(@ CES), I feel new video walkman will have oled screen.
  10. ralle, in the topmost space (after file edit .....), do you see a blue tab with three columns MUSIC SOURCE : MY LIBRARY : TRANSFER please click MY LIBRARY in that , so that your entire window is occupied with MY LIBRARY. now you will see a small box called "create/edit playlist". This box will appear under MY LIBRARY in top left corner. (I too dont see create/edit playlist when I have two columns MY LIBRARY column on the left and transfer on the right). If you are not comfortable with this , go to help in sonicstage. press F1, the helpbook will open, in that go to search tab, search playlist and click on first result. you will get step by step procedure. dont get biased by others view, it is not so.
  11. in sonicstage, in the mylibrary box, on the right side you see a small box to select called create/edit playlist. Select that. list of current playlist section will open on the right side. now on left side (my library column), select all the songs you want and click the blue arrow, all selected song list will appear on right side, choose an appropriate name for the current list and select close edit. now on the left most column, select view as albums/playlist. my library will show all the playlist. select appropriate ones, transfer to your device. I dont know what is tough with this. This is how every other music player and s/w works. I have ipods, it is not any different. Probably you are a beginner to playlist concepts, I guess. Have fun.
  12. use playlist. folders need your songs to physically there, while playlist is just a list. you can have same song under multiple playlist while having only one physical copy.
  13. Sony, wish you all the best for 2007. Hope you will be able to release top-class hit products in 2007. We expect to see walkman-video soon, with high caliber design, which will scream " It is a Sony! "
  14. true, clearbass max boosts the bass well. thanx giki
  15. Highlights will be interesting to watch. I too dont like watch any match fulltime....! australian cricket is 'boring', they win every match they play.........grrrr!!
  16. DSP, stuge, thanks. sure, it is a great device. the 'walkman demo' preloaded in the player proves the device. really a demo piece of music. as DSP said, VPT studio is excellent. I have not listened to anything like this before.
  17. kerfuffle, but why do they sledge so much in australia (in cricket)? Stuge, sure, sad moment for cricket. all, sorry for talking too much off-topic.
  18. Yesterday I bought s703, and noise-cancelling is really good. Sound quality, equalizer settings, oled all sets this player apart.
  19. thefanboy


    I have trasnferred songs to hd5 from different computers, you need not have format it. I never had that problem.
  20. kerfuffle, you are right. the one we create on-the-go on player is called bookmarks. I said playlists because , the created bookmarks appear under playlists and can be used like playlist. RobA, If you make a new playlist on sonicstage and if those songs are already on device, then those songs are not transferred again(just a file having the list is sent). so, you can create multiple playlists featuring similar songs and by transferring each playlist, you are not going to transfer each song as many time. The song is sent only once. presently my hd5 is not with me to experiment, but I guess I remember correctly. If you want to do on sonicstage then follow what kerfuffle has mentioned. If you want to do this on-the-go, I dont think it is possible. kerfuffle, off-the-topic..... both Warne and Mcgrath retired . great chaps! . you are down-under right ?
  21. and do you know that you can create playlists on the go in nw-hd5 ?
  22. welcome to nw-hd5. battery life depends on how long display is active and on bitrates of the song. what do you mean by memory effect on lithum ion battery? feel free to charge whenever you want, there is no limitation.
  23. only one hdd walkman, nw-a1000/b, is presently available in japan. http://www.jp.sonystyle.com/Walkman/index.html all other hdd models has been removed from sonystyle japan.
  24. Album art shd be shown in two dimensional matrix for both movies and music so that it is quite easy to find the albums. Present xmb in psp shows album art in a single row, wasting a lot of screen space. If any of the designer happens to read this, pls change the s/w for above requirements.
  25. I love psp sound quality particularly with umd movies. For nand memory pricing, there is a simple thumb rule "every year the price reduces by half" or "every year the density doubles"
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