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  1. I cant see them having drm because mp3 does not support drm. So I guess that only leaves the format changing but why would the format change on all the mp3's? I'm surprised more people arent interested in this because a lot people have their library saved in mp3 format. If you want to email me an mp3 I will try and convert it to atrac in SS and let you know what happens. My email address is alyons8605@charter.net.
  2. Hi sounds like ss cant find the files. Is the message more like ss cant find files not registered to ss? If so delete your library and try to reload again. The files should show up.
  3. You should be ablew to move or copy it just like any other file. I do it all the time. Just make sure you have a backup.
  4. Do a google search for HIMDRENDERER. It removed the DRM on my files and it's free.
  5. Every 6th file says U unlimited. Something definitley happened to the library. I dont know what and the only thing I can think of is to replace the library.
  6. OK I think I know what the problem is. SS cant find the library. Go to OPTIONS and location to save imprted files. See if it is the same location as the library. If not make it the same. That should solve the problem.
  7. I have used himdrender .54 or higher. The older versions dont have all the dll's. The latest version is 1.xx last I checked and works well with more features. If you are not using the latest version of himdrender you should try that first. I would also consider d/l ss again because something has changed either the library files or ss. To me it makes more sense that SS changed then the library itself. If your library is saved in WAV or mp3 format then there is no drm involved because they do not support it.
  8. Kind of a strange problem. WE dont have all the info. Dont know what version of SS you originally used to rip the files especially since you say they were ripped from vinyl. Assuming they are drm protected himd render should have converted most of them any way. Since it ignores the drm or at least did in my case and I converted over 1000 files purchased from CONNECT. There are programs that will remove the drm (if that is the problem). himdrender is one and there are others. I dont know which one is the best. I prefer himdrender. All I can really suggest is doing a google search for "convert atrac to mp3" and checking out the programs that are advertised. Obvioustly if some one values their library they should have a backup. Keep us posted. I am not the most knowledgable person here.
  9. I think there has to be a resitor connecting the 2 data wires. It is about 220 ohms. I made my own charger and this is the only way it would work.
  10. Why are you changing atrac to mp3? It wont sound any different.
  11. Does SS recognise your drag n drop sony?
  12. I cant see how it would hurt anything if you tried to redeem the code. It will either work or it wont.
  13. I was phished with a paypal email and it was so authentic looking I almost respnded.
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